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Dockside – Home & Cottage

It’s one of the most common design challenges for cottage owners, and one of the easiest to get wrong: how to build a place that will serve as a family cottage now and a retirement home in a few years. “It’s a really tough transition for a lot of people,” says Selena McConnell, a lead designer with Royal Homes.

“Some people build large homes so there’s a lot of room for the kids when they come back to visit. However, they can end up taking on all kinds of debt for a space that only gets used when the kids come back for the holidays.”

It’s not just about the amount of space: a great design takes into account the way different families will use the home.

“For the parents, the house is a retirement home. It’s where they live all the time,” Selena explains. “But for the kids, the new house will always be the cottage.”

The passion and attention to detail that the Royal Homes team has is incredible. Their pre-fab homes and cottages and have never been anything short of stunning and top quality. I would recommend this company in an instant, without a shadow of a doubt.Jessica
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