Fall Employee Appreciation Dinner 2019 - Royal Homes
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Fall Employee Appreciation Dinner 2019

Royal Home’s Fall Employee Appreciation Dinner was held today October 10, 2019 in our main plant.  It was a most excellent lunchtime feast that will probably have most skipping supper today!  Congratulations to the employees and management for a well deserved pat on the back for a successful year and year to come!  An extra special congratulations to our employees receiving recognition for 5, 20, 30 and 35 years of service!  An extra special congratulations to Pieter Venema for for his dediction as the President of Royal Homes for the past 30 years!  Nights out in front of the bonfire should remind him for years to come!

President Pieter Venema – 30 Years!

5 Years

20 years!

30 Years!

35 Years!

We are so very grateful for not only the support provided to us but also the understanding and support shown by your wonderful staff.Carleen & Robert
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