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Buy Now, Build Later: How Buying in the Fall Can Save 5% on the Cost of Building a Custom Home

What is the best time of year to buy a property? What’s the best time to build and move in?

There are clear financial benefits to buying in the fall. But when it comes to moving, spring is by far the season of choice.

Another cost-saving benefit of purchasing a home in the fall is the Buy Now, Build Later program offered exclusively to Royal Homes clients. Clients who order a prefabricated home or cottage this fall can save 4-5% on the cost of building a custom home and move in by spring 2020.

Best Time of Year to Buy Property

Just as seasons change, the real estate market ebbs and flows.

Things are always slower at the start of the new year. When the snow melts and the flowers bloom, the market begins to pick up. Home sellers are eager to get their homes ready for showings.

Come summer, the market’s in full swing.

From a buyer’s perspective, the summer months mean more properties to choose from, but also greater competition. Conversely, the real estate market begins to slow come the fall when the landscape begins to fade.

With less competition and sellers eager to close by the end of the year, purchasing real estate in the fall could have tremendous cost benefits for buyers.

Benefits of Moving in the Spring

The spring season is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Being a season that signifies change, it comes as no surprise that spring is an ideal time to move.

One of the most significant advantages of moving in the spring is the weather. Moving is a lot of work, and comfortable weather conditions create a better moving environment. Beat the heat of summer and bitterness of winter by moving in the early spring.

17749939 – exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture. wood ceiling with skylights.

Moving companies are busiest in the summer months as the housing market becomes more active. As a result, prices usually rise. With lower demands, many companies offer better relocation deals.  By moving in the spring, you can save yourself some extra money on moving expenses.

Finally, the summer months are typically the busiest. Moving in the spring allows you to fully settle into your new home just in time to appreciate the fun that summer brings: relaxing, enjoying the weather and spending time with family & friends.

Buy Now, Build Later: How It Works

Act now to save money on your custom home or cottage! As housing prices continue to increase, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of our Buy Now, Build Later program.

Lock in 2019 pricing when you order your prefabricated home from Royal Homes between September 1 and October 31. Commit now to build next year, and you’ll save 4-5% off purchasing prices in 2020.

If you provide your home deposit by November  2019, you’ll be able to start designing your custom home with our talented designers!

The Royal Homes Advantage

At Royal Homes, our talented designers work with you to bring your dream home to reality.

Our library of custom floor plans is here for inspiration, and with the help of our design experts, you can further customize them to your heart’s content. We let you customize everything – walls, floors, stairways, doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, light, door handles…everything.

18586692 – blueprint for a house drawings and plans of an architect

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a prefabricated structure is the mode of construction. Each section of your custom home is built in our factory and transported to your lot. Moving these individual pieces to the building site is much easier than a conventional build, which can be a major plus if your property is off the beaten track.

As well, assembling individual pieces requires less time, meaning lower labour costs and the efficiency of this process gets you into your home or cottage faster!

Weather no longer plays a part in build time; a prefabricated home can be assembled any time of year.

Finally, building you home in a manufacturing facility means no waste or chemicals left behind on the building site.

Learn more about the Royal Homes advantage.

Contact us to secure your place in our 2019 Fall Order, Spring Delivery program today.

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