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I was pretty surprised when my brother-in-law chose bamboo – it seemed oddly exotic for Canada. But bamboo is becoming a great choice for flooring. Physically, it’s a lot like traditional hardwoods. Naturally, it is the same hardness as white oak – but it takes a fraction of the time to grow. Today bamboo is often encouraged because it’s considered eco-friendly.

The environmental impact is lower when you choose bamboo for several reasons.

First of all, bamboo grows incredibly fast. Some bamboo can grow to 70 feet in less than 2 months. Bamboo reaches maturity in 3-5 years. Traditional hard woods take from 20 – 120 years.

Secondly, bamboo is unique root rhizome system. In fact, the plant can be harvested without disturbing the root system. Bamboo shoots up from the roots system and does not need to be replanted.

Thirdly, bamboo is a tough plant. Naturally resistant to drought, floods, and pests, the plant is incredibly hardy.

Finally, because of the unique root system, bamboo aids in reduction of erosion.

We can't wait to move in. We really love it. We also are very pleased with the experience we have had with Royal Homes. We have been impressed with every Royal Home employee we have met. A special thanks to you because you got us started and you are the reason we got our house from Royal Homes.

We would recommend Royal Homes to anyone.Sharon & Dave
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