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Designed for you, by you

You want a home that’s perfect for you, and whether you know what that looks like or not, our talented designers will help bring it into reality. We don’t believe in a floor plan that’s not quite right. We let you customize everything – walls, floors, stairways, doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, lights, door handles… everything. We also have a full fabrication shop & paint booth that let’s you customize to your heart’s content, and we are specialists at unique designs, including barrier-free, to ensure your home matches your lifestyle perfectly.

Meticulously Inspected

In addition to stringent quality controls throughout design & construction, every Royal Home must meet four different quality standards; the Ontario Provincial Building Code, local municipal by-laws, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the toughest of them all, our own 250 point inspection.

Delivered on time, on budget & hassle-free

No weather delays and an advanced building process perfected on thousands of custom homes eliminates the unpleasant surprises that often turn a dream project sour. We also provide you with a dedicated project specialist that’s with you every step of the way so that no question or concern is ever left unanswered.

Supported for a decade

Even when your home is finished, our quality control continues with numerous inspections and warranty support including:

  • Service team inspections on request with a comprehensive inspection after 1 year.
  • A 7-year Tarion-backed structural warranty that is extended 3 additional years by Royal Homes to give you a full 10 years of coverage.
  • A 5-year no-leak foundation warranty.
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty on fixtures, fittings and materials where applicable.
I really liked the fact that after I had made my choices, everything went smoothly. The building process was hassle-free. I did not have to worry about delays, weather or missing pieces.Mai-Liis


Where can I get a price list or How come your website doesn’t show pricing?

Prices vary geographically, depending on where you are building. With the amount of options available, price lists run into thousands of options. Prices change with the options you choose. The best way to get an idea on pricing would be to contact our Design Centre nearest to where you are building.

What is your average square foot selling price?

Prices for a complete home, including foundation vary from $150 sq-ft to over $300 because our homes are all custom built, we can design a home to fit your budget.

Why should I buy from you over a conventional or "Stick-Builder"?

The advantages of prefab include building in a climate controlled environment, using environmentally friendly products which reduces waste and a CSA monitored quality controlled program. There is less time start to finish, with less disruption to neighborhood. We also sell at a firm price.

Do your homes include a foundation?

Yes our homes include full foundation and basement.

How long does it take to build a Royal Home?

It takes less than two weeks to build a home in our factory, but the process from start to finish is very dependent on the timing of obtaining a building permit. For most of our clients the process from start to delivery is twelve to sixteen weeks with move in eight to twelve weeks thereafter.

What size homes do you build?

As a custom builder we can build any size home but generally the average size range is between 1300 and 3500 sq feet.

Do you build garages?

Yes. Garages are built on site after the home is delivered.

Are the homes energy efficient?

Building a prefab home in a factory assures the highest attention to sealing the building envelope and ensures that the cold stays out.

Since your homes are so energy efficient and air tight, how do you get fresh air?

All our homes have HRV heat recovery ventilator air exchanger to removes stale air, and introduce fresh air.

Where can I put a prefab home?

Anywhere in Ontario you like.

Can I really customize my prefab home?

Yes, we use state of the art custom design software, today no two homes are built alike.

Do you finish the basement?

Yes. We can customize your basement to the finishes you desire.

Are Royal Homes built to code?

All Royal Homes are individually designed to meet all provincial and municipal building codes for your specific lot location.

Do you build stick-built or conventional homes as well?

We are a custom home builder first and use prefabricated components wherever we can, because it is a better way to build. If you have a remote site or custom home design with large open spaces we would look at what makes most sense for that design and location. This could include prebuilt panels or partially site built specific rooms.

What makes the building process environmentally friendly?

Waste in the factory is separated and recycled, reducing the impact on landfills. This has less disruption in terms of noise and time at job site. Building prefab allows for higher energy efficient homes and reduced heating costs.

How is your home delivered?

Our home is delivered by way of custom designed hydraulic flatbed trailers and precisely craned onto the foundation.

Can you make changes or custom design?

Yes, clients are given preliminary plans to review and changes are welcome and easily accommodated.