Why Royal? There’s a couple of people who do this kind of work. But I don’t think they do quite the job and have quite the breadth of expertise that Royal does.
It’s like watching the movie, ‘Up’ except that it’s your own house floating through the sky!
Royal has got this down to a science. It’s pretty impressive to see how everybody works together to bring in this and go get it set up. One day we have a foundation. The next day, we have a home. It’s very impressive.
I was very, very impressed with all the work done by the folks here. They’ve been just terrific. I couldn’t ask for better service. The effort is fantastic. I couldn’t be more pleased.
We were so happy with the first Royal Home but we had to move from there because of work and whatnot. Now, we decided we want to go with Royal Homes once again because actually they are the best at what they have, I think.
It’s such a coordinated effort, to get all the pieces together. And then it just goes up so quickly. It’s really amazing the work these guys do.


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