Why Royal? There’s a couple of people who do this kind of work. But I don’t think they do quite the job and have quite the breadth of expertise that Royal does.
Everyone we’ve worked with with Royal has been very responsive. They’ve answered all our questions. My husband has a LOT of questions.
Amazing.” “Everything went so smoothly. It’s amazing.
The thing I liked about it is that they were very careful to make sure that I knew what it was going to cost up-front. And was I comfortable with this or that or the other thing. It was a very enjoyable experience.
We have nothing but good things to say about Royal Homes. Everybody has been going above and beyond to get what we wanted. It’s exactly what we wanted. We never had to make any compromise in our house. It’s been a great experience.
We were so happy with the first Royal Home but we had to move from there because of work and whatnot. Now, we decided we want to go with Royal Homes once again because actually they are the best at what they have, I think.


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