It was easy to do. If I wanted something altered or changed a little bit, there was never any issue with what I had asked.
We have nothing but good things to say about Royal Homes. Everybody has been going above and beyond to get what we wanted. It’s exactly what we wanted. We never had to make any compromise in our house. It’s been a great experience.
I am amazed at how quickly they cleared this whole property and poured the concrete and built the house. It’s just incredible to me.
It’s amazing. We were waiting for this and it’s above the expectations. It’s quick and professional. The team really works well together. So that’s nice. You don’t have to worry.
It was just pretty awesome. My buddies were all over to see. They were all impressed as well. Royal Homes does a fantastic job. Fantastic.
They’ve done just an incredible job. And we love the house. And it’s cozy and bright.


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