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Ontario First Nations & Métis Housing

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Royal Homes is proud to be represented by Wayne Taylor as our First Nations & Métis Housing Representative. Wayne lives on Curve Lake First Nations Reserve. Wayne will be introducing high quality prefab Royal Homes to all first nations throughout Ontario.


Wayne Taylor

Ontario First Nations & Métis Housing Sales Rep

Royal Homes is proud to be represented by Wayne Taylor.

Wayne lives on Curve Lake First Nations Reserve and has spent his entire life in the construction industry including serving on the boards of numerous building related organizations.

He will be introducing high quality prefab Royal Homes to all First Nations throughout Ontario.


4 Cedar Bay Rd.

Curve Lake, ON K0L 1R0


You can be confident in our professional construction management team, and our commitment to you.

Get to know the business of our construction management team you’ll be working alongside.

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Royal Homes Construction Management Team

Project Manager

  • Construction team leader
  • Liaison between all parties involved in the project (owner, all sub trades, etc.)
  • Direct contact with the owner and construction site to help solve any problems that can arise
  • Chairperson for site meetings and distribute any correspondence
  • Set schedules and monitor site production
  • Monitor daily construction reports from the Site Project Supervisor


Site Manager

  • Onsite coordinator for all construction activity (roads, culverts, site grades to ensure proper drainage, electrical servicing, etc.)
  • Coordinate all sub trades to start their work when required and make sure they have their products as per the specifications
  • Work with the Housing Manager and the Infrastructure Manager for any onsite problems that should arise
  • Work with the Housing Manager to ensure the right home is on the right lot
  • Work with the Site Project Supervisor so schedules are being kept
  • Ensure safe work environment and follow safety rules and regulations
  • Introduce the new home to its new owner and conduct an inspection to ensure the home has been completed to Royal Homes standards prior to handing the keys to the new owner


Site Project Supervisor

  • In charge of all the physical work to be done on all the homes from start to completion and including final inspection
  • Work with the Site Manager from the set of each unit to final inspection
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Deal directly with all sub trades and solve any problems that may arise
  • Complete a daily report and submit this to the Project Manager
  • Ensure that the project stays on budget and schedule
We can't wait to move in. We really love it. We also are very pleased with the experience we have had with Royal Homes. We have been impressed with every Royal Home employee we have met. A special thanks to you because you got us started and you are the reason we got our house from Royal Homes.

We would recommend Royal Homes to anyone.Sharon & Dave
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