Supported for a decade

Royal Homes extends the 7 year structural Tarion Warranty for 3 additional years to provide a full 10 year structural warranty. This is in addition to our 5 year foundation warranty, as well as products and services included with your home which may be covered by warranties directly from their suppliers.

  • 10 Year Structural Warranty
  • Five (5) year “no leaks” foundation warranty
  • Suppliers Warranties

Tarion Warranty

Royal Homes has been a proud member of Tarion since its beginnings in 1976. Royal Homes is in a select group of only 7% of all of Ontario’s 6000 builders that meets Tarion’s stringent criteria for outstanding customer service.

Each year the Tarion Warranty Program rates its builders based on the number of homes registered by the builder that year, and whether or not the program has received any unresolved home owner complaints for that builder. Royal Homes has been awarded the highest Excellent Builder rating from the program every year since it began.

Royal Homes is recognized as being a member with the warranty program since 1976!
See the Home Construction Regulatory Authority Certificate here.

At Royal Homes we not only take pride in building high quality homes, we also back our home owners with superior service long after they move in. Please refer to your sales agreement for the specific warranty coverage on your home.

Note: Homes sold through independent authorized builders are registered and warranted by the builder, not Royal Homes Limited. Check the authorized builder’s service records with the Warranty Program, Tarion.

Homes sold in the United States are covered by the Warranty Legislation of each individual State. Please check with your dealer for details of the Warranty Coverage available.


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