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Built Strong, Smart & Green

At Royal Homes, being Green isn’t just an upgrade, it’s core to every home we build and how we built it – renewable & recycled materials, Heat Recovery Ventilators, high efficiency windows, exceptionally tight weather sealing. We’ve also refined our building process to minimize waste and recycle it fully.

Royal-e Green Building standards include:

  • Wood Construction – a renewable resource
  • Sealing for the building envelope
  • Use of fluorescent
  • Total recycling in-plant
  • Design engineering to economize material use and reduce waste
  • Insulation to R50 in the ceiling and R22 in the walls
  • Insulation composed primarily of recycled glass and paper
  • Full height R20 basement insulation
  • Sealed window and door openings
  • Carpet and tile selections with recycled components

royal-e Green Building options include:

  • Energuide, Energy Star and R2000 design and rating
  • High efficiency furnace and AC
  • Zone controlled heating
  • Formaldehyde free insulation
  • Bamboo floors
  • Bamboo wood cabinet doors
  • Enviro lumber products
  • Geo-thermal heating systems
  • Green roof applications
  • Mould resistant drywall
  • In-floor basement heating
  • Backup generator
  • Underfloor basement insulation
  • Superlow-flow shower heads
  • VOC free paint
  • Enviroshake shingles
  • Recycled decking material
  • Dual – flush toilets
  • Solar Ready Access
Love our Royal Home. The house was as promised and on time June 2014. The interior and exterior were flawless. The workers are pleasant and have an excellent work ethic. Any small problems have been fixed without any issues. Unlike many builders. The detail in the house is as perfect as you will ever get. Thanks for an awesome home.Kenny