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  • 9 Steps to Building Your Own Home

    Building Your Home

    Two storey Royal Homes custom home model

    Planning your dream home is an exciting time filled with countless possibilities and plenty of emotion and anticipation. At Royal Homes we are dedicated to helping you build a home that is perfect for you. What’s more, a Royal Homes Project Specialist is with you every step of the way.  1. Design it – Planning your home starts with choosing the perfect Royal Homes model to […]

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  • Our Homes – The Royal Treatment

    In the 1900s this little area, just outside of Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron, was a destination for families from Ripley, Gorrie, Teeswater, Detroit and New York. Renowned for its sandy beaches and incredible sunsets, its natural beauty was worth the journey, which back then, was long, difficult and hot. The simple cottages […]

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  • Royal Q Cover

    Royal Q Magazine
    Volume 2

    In this issue: An Island Retreat, The Royal Q Muskoka, A Revolution in Home Building, Design Centres, Dining at Home, and The Heart of Your Home

We had a Royal Home built in 1989, truly loved this home. We would have another Royal Home in an instant. Truly no complaints,
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