5 Reasons Why the Kawarthas are the Perfect Place to Build a Cottage

Clear waters, inspiring artisans, and mouth-watering treats are just a few reasons why the Kawarthas are the perfect place to build a cottage. Each of the region’s diverse communities has room to build and its own wonders to explore! Discover why the Kawarthas could be the place to build your cottage.

1. A Getaway Close to Home

Though it feels a world away, this land of 250 lakes and rivers is really only a 90-minute drive from Toronto. The Kawarthas are the perfect distance for both day trips or extended vacations from the GTA. When you build a cottage in the Kawarthas, you won’t have to spend half a day on the road to enjoy it! Less time on the highway means more time to carve precious memories.

2. Delicious Eats

You may not picture fine food when you think of cottage country, but you will once you’ve been to the Kawarthas. Foodies, craft beer connoisseurs, and sweet-tooths alike will find a bounty of locally-made goods to satisfy their cravings.

Peterborough and the Kawarthas are home to four craft breweries, a bounty of farmer’s markets, and more pubs and cafes than you can name. For dessert, you can choose between fresh Kawartha Dairy ice cream or a stop on the famous Butter Tart Tour.

Of course, once you’ve had your fill, you can still settle around your cottage campfire for smores and a bowl of Jiffy-Pop.

3. The Cultural Experience

Scattered among the Kawartha’s winding rivers are an array of towns and communities, each with unique cultural charms. There are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in Canadian culture, including sites representing both Indigenous and settler history. You can see sculptors, painters, photographers, and other artists practicing their craft, or walk in an ancestor’s footsteps along the Arts and Heritage Trail.

4. Good Vibes

Once known as the ‘land of reflections,’ the Kawarthas remains a retreat from the frantic pace of modern life where one can lay back and reflect on what really matters.

Unlike other vacation destinations in Ontario, which have become known for their mansion-like cottage estates and celebrity buzz, the Kawarthas remains a secluded slice of paradise. It’s not resort country; it’s cottage country, through and through. The Kawarthas are the real deal.

The people of the Kawarthas greet visitors warmly and care for their homes and neighbourhoods with quiet pride. Peterborough, the closest city centre, was recognized as one of Canada’s most caring towns for its stewardship of animals and the environment.

5. Natural Beauty

It’s no surprise the Kawarthas draws all manner of dreamers and artists; the land holds an abundance of natural beauty that’s open for business year-round.

Those who are drawn to water will find no end of lakes to fish, beaches to swim, and rivers to traverse by canoe or kayak. Cyclists and hikers can enjoy trails to destinations near and far. As summer turns to fall, the leaves show their breathtaking fall colours, and the region buzzes with the excitement of fall fairs.

Winter in the Kawarthas is just as fun (if you can face the weather.) Having a cottage in the Kawarthas gives you access to 160km of groomed snowmobile trails, dozens of ice fishing spots, and all the cozy fireside chats you could ask for.


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