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Most Expensive Cottage Locations in Ontario


From Haliburton Highlands to Honey Harbour, Ontario is full of amazing cottage locations. However, no cottage country is more beloved than the infamous Muskoka region.

Canadians have long cherished Muskoka for its sparking waters, magnificent forests, and rugged cliffs carved from the Canadian Shield. It has been a favourite summer destination for over a century. Muskoka has also caught the eye of wealthy vacationers from abroad, including famous stars and millionaire entrepreneurs.

Today, the Muskoka region is one of the fastest-growing recreational real estate market in the world. It’s also the single most expensive cottage location in Ontario. In fact, buyers can expect to pay an average price of $790,000 for a lakefront property! Cottages on the ‘Big Three’ lakes are even pricier, with many crossing the million-dollar threshold.

Let’s take a trip to three of the most expensive cottage locations in Canada.

Lake Muskoka 

Lake Muskoka is the largest and most popular lake in the region. It has plenty of wide, open space for speed boating, kayaking and, of course, fishing. Ordinary families can visit one of many resorts and campgrounds for a taste of the cottage lifestyle.

You can also board the Segwun & Wenonah Steam ship in the nearby town of Gravenhurst for a trip to “Millionares Row.” This narrow channel is known for colossal, lakeside homes that look more like mansions than cottages. Many are equipped with opulent boathouses, separate staff quarters, and the finest amenities.

The denizens of Millionaires Row include former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Doug Gilmour, along with various current and former players. Rumour has it Stratford’s own Justin Bieber often rents cottages on the lake as well.

Lake Joseph

Ever wished you had your own private island? Lake Joseph can make your dream come true — for the right price.

“Lake Joe”, as the locals call it, joins with Lake Muskoka at the town of Point Carling. Though it is smaller than its southern neighbour, Lake Joseph is no less impressive. Its pristine shores and deep, clear waters offer some of the most stunning views in the Muskoka region.

Not to be outdone by Lake Muskoka, Lake Joe boasts its own upscale community called “Billionaires Row”, where you’ll find a star-studded roster of Hollywood celebrities and tech entrepreneurs. The most exclusive homes and cottages in this area can reach prices upwards of $9 million.

Lake Rosseau

Located 200km north of Toronto, Lake Rosseau spans all the way from Muskoka to Seguin Township. It’s home to some of the oldest retreats in the region, with its most prestigious cottages dating back to the 19th century.

Of course, you may not spot these vintage abodes among all the sprawling, multi-million-dollar mansions! Many of the historical cottages have since been replaced by luxurious buildings with a modern flair.

You don’t have to travel far to find riches on Lake Rousseau. Venture to the northern tip of the lake and you’ll find the tiny hamlet of Rousseau, which specializes in fine dining and luxury home décor. The nearby Windermere House has a modern sushi and cocktail lounge overlooking the lake. Perhaps most impressive of all is the massive Rosseau Marriot, one of the top-rated resorts in Canada.

Vacationers have to dig deep for an authentic cottage experience at Lake Rosseau. Renting a cottage can cost thousands of dollars, and even the most modest of homes net well over a million dollars.

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