5 Landscaping Trends Around Your New Home

Are you looking to spruce up your property? Want to enhance the appearance of your backyard? Now that you are all moved in, now is the time to complete your new home! To help you get started on this, we have compiled five of the most popular landscaping trends.

Cozy Nook

Cozy nooks are the name of the game, even when it comes to outdoor landscaping. Instead of just simple, run-of-the-mill picnic tables, people are turning to outdoor-style couches complete with cushions, and built-in fire pits, stone patios, et cetera, to create the perfect cozy nook for their backyard gatherings. What a great way to watch the stars at night, right?

Varied Shades of Green

Green happens to be 2017’s colour of the year, so it is no wonder there is an increase in different shades of green in landscaping trends. More people are choosing plants without flowers but an abundance of leaves for their gardens. They are also looking to have perfectly manicured green lawns. Even the patio furniture often has hints of green these days! Look for complimentary shades of green to make your landscaping cohesive.

Native Pollination

Are you going to have a garden incorporated into your landscaping design? Gardens are common features, but the prevailing landscaping trend for them is native plants that promote pollination. In other words, landscaping featuring colourful and fragrant flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Popular choices include Blackeyed Susans, Goldenrods, and Purple Coneflowers. Another design component that will encourage backyard pollination is a bird feeder. These look nice and will entice hummingbirds to the area.

Not Uniform

In years past, people wanted their landscaping to be absolutely perfect and uniform. In other words, if they had a stone pathway working its way through their backyard, the left side had to look the same as the right. They would choose the same colour of flowers in the same quantities, install the same garden decorations, et cetera.

However, the most recent trend in landscaping design leans more towards a natural, wild concept. People are caring less about their landscaping looking uniform. They will use different flowers, even in odd numbers, and choose unique pieces, such as teak furniture, to incorporate into the design without worrying about matching and making everything balanced. Look for unique pieces of inspiration in your landscaping!

Outdoor Kitchens

In the past, the most you would see outside is a barbeque on the patio. However, an increasing number of individuals and families are starting to make their landscaping choices revolve around a full outdoor kitchen. In addition to the barbeque, you will often see pizza ovens and other adapted stoves and ovens. Perhaps you will even find some kind of fridge out there on that perfectly designed patio!

Image: alexraths


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