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When you pass beneath the arches of the Gateway to the Muskoka Lakes, you enter a place like no other. Gravenhurst sits on the cusp of one of the most beautiful regions in all of Canada. The 12,000 residents welcome tens of thousands of guests every year, and it’s no surprise many visitors decide to make it their permanent home. Building a custom home in Gravenhurst, Ontario is a cottager’s dream come true — one that might be closer than you realize.

Read on to learn about our Gravenhurst Design Centre and get a taste of what it’s like living in Gravenhurst.

Living in Gravenhurst, Ontario

Picture the quintessential Canadian cottage country, with dockside restaurants, quaint shops, and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. Know it or not, you’re thinking of Gravenhurst.

Gravenhurst sits at the meeting point of Lake Muskoka and Gull Lake, giving you a front-row seat to some of the best sunsets in Ontario. It’s also a place where you can immerse yourself in rich Canadian cultural heritage.

The town comes together every year to celebrate Canada Day, Pirate Fest, and the Gravenhurst Winter Carnival, along with a weekly farmer’s market in the warmer months. The gallery of local shops includes fresh start-ups and family businesses that have lasted generations. Gravenhurst has something for everyone and countless opportunities to participate in community life.

Though often thought of as a place to retire, Gravenhurst is also home to an increasing number of younger families, and now boasts three elementary schools and a high school. And with no more than a 90-minute drive between you and the city, it’s easy to drive down to Toronto for a day trip (or invite your friends up north for a weekend!)

Building a Home in Gravenhurst

All the media hype about luxury hotels and million-dollar Muskoka cottages might leave you thinking that living in Gravenhurst is the stuff of dreams. The reality is that building a home in Gravenhurst is not only within reach for many families, but may actually be more affordable than building in the Greater Toronto Area.

While the property has experienced the same rise in value along with the rest of the province, the median price of a home in Gravenhurst is $419,000 — lower than both the average and median price of a home in Ontario overall.

The Royal Homes Gravenhurst Design Centre

Our Gravenhurst Design Centre puts the spotlight on one of our favourite prefabricated home models, the Lakeview. Take a drive down highway 11 — you can’t miss the sky-siding and the jewel-like windows that crown the Lakeview’s front entryway.

Lakeview cottage plans

This bungalow home features three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize your view of the world around you. It is designed to immerse you in the natural beauty of the Muskokas while providing the comfort of luxurious, modern amenities. The bungalow’s floor plan features a spacious master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a private en-suite.

We invite you to take a virtual walk through the Lakeview with our video tour or drop by our Gravenhurst Design Centre to explore it up close and personal.

Contact us through the form below or call us at 866-782-0033 for our current visiting hours.


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