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    Design your home to be perfect for you

    Tell us what you want. We've got a library full of floor plans for inspiration, and together with our design experts, you can customize them to your heart's content.

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    Add the colours, styles and options you love

    Style your home the way you want - hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, granite counters, oak cabinets, a stone fireplace. Our Design Centre lets you see and touch the colours, styles and options available for your walls, floors, cabinets, windows, lights, plumbing, brickwork and more.

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    Stake your home out on your lot

    They're more than just stakes in the ground, they're the beginnings of your home. Now you can park in the garage, walk through the kitchen and enjoy the view from your bedroom.

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    Build a solid foundation

    The foundation is so essential to a well built home that we won't build a home if we're not building the foundation. And we back it up with a comprehensive 5 year "no-leak" warranty.

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    Watch your home being built indoors

    It's a real eye-opener seeing your home built indoors away from the ravages of the weather. See the crane lift your roof on, watch how they seal your home from the outside instead of the inside and marvel as your entire home moves along rails towards the delivery truck.

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    Your new home gets delivered

    Watching your home arrive on a truck is a real crowd pleaser - in the morning you have a foundation and by evening you have a home.

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    Finishing touches on site

    There's always some brickwork, cladding, roofing and flooring to be finished on site. It's all part of the plan, and the crews that make these finishing touches are experts at ensuring every detail is perfect.

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    Move in!

    Move in day is hard to beat. It's real, it's done and it's on your lot ready for you to pop the champagne and bring in the furniture.

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    Warranty & support up to 10 years

    It might only take weeks to build your home, but we'll be there ensuring it continues to look and work great for years to come with maintenance visits and warranty support up to 10 years.

I have a Royal Home which was built in 1993. I love my house and have never had any problems with it.Debbie
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