10 Year Warranty

When I received the warranty from Royal Homes, I thought: “Wow, they must really trust their work.”

But it’s more than that.

As I worked through the design, building and setting process, I learned a lifelong lesson. A great custom home should be built by people who are proud of what they do. I discovered that each home was a unique experience with Royal Homes. The team that served my family didn’t see this as a house. They understood that this was my family’s home.

Whether you’re building a cottage or a family home, it’s about the people – not the bricks and mortar.

And when all was said and done – they stayed with us. We had the confidence that they would be there for us if we had any concern. They understand building and they were able to help us – even when our questions were a little naive.

Like I said, we moved into our retirement Royal Home about a year ago. Perhaps I retired too early, because I’m already planning our next home. My wife and I have been scanning Kijiji for a great deal in cottage country.


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