3 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Fireplace for Your Home

The first question that comes to mind when choosing a fireplace for your home is: gas, electric, or wood burning?

While that is an important distinction, it’s not the only thing you have the think about when choosing the perfect fireplace for your home. Let’s go through the steps of what you should think about when building your ideal fireplace.

Fireplace Type

Let’s start with the main question we mentioned: which is the best fireplace – gas, electric, or wood burning?

This all depends on what you care about with a fireplace. Safety? Electric is an excellent option with no open flames and no concern for possible gas leaks. Authenticity? While both electric and gas have come a long way, nothing beats wood fireplaces. Heat efficiency? Many gas fireplaces offer high BTUs that can exceed 40,000 BTUs.

Make sure you conduct further research to see which kind of fireplace is best for you, including set-up and ongoing monthly costs. This way you are

Mantle Options

Now, choosing your mantle comes down to preference and style.

Choices can range from metal to wood, although wood tends to be the popular choice. You can personalize your mantle by finding your favourite paint or stain. If you’re looking for a clean, modern look, white or light paint is a fitting option. Are you going for a rustic/classic option? Staining your mantle is a great go-to option – just pick the matching stain that will fit your home.

Surround and Hearth Height

Now this final step goes hand-in-hand, style-wise.

For your fireplace surround, this is where you can have a little fun with your style. Are you looking for a clean/contemporary look? A ceramic tile option is the way to go. Do you prefer an aged look that adds some history to the home? Cultured stone is the perfect choice for this.  Of course, to match the surround, your hearth height is an important consideration. This is the ledge that protrudes from the fireplace front. If you have chosen a ceramic tile finish, a level hearth tends to work well with that clean-cut surround. If you have decided on a stone surround, raised hearths tend to work well with this. As the fireplace is a larger focal point with stone, the raised hearth tends to balance it out.

Build with Style

Now that you have your steps to build your dream fireplace, it makes the large task a little bit easier to tackle. If you have a clear idea of your personal style, once you choose your fireplace style, the next two steps should be easy.

Happy designing and enjoy your warmer, cozier home!


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