5 Design Trends For Spring

As the season changes from winter to spring, many people are beginning their annual routine of deep spring cleaning. They will scrub everything, declutter their closets, and overall make their home look as fresh as possible in preparation for the new life about to grow outdoors.

Thus, it stands to reason that the transitional period between winter and spring is prime time to start thinking about redesigning the interior of your home. To that end, here are some popular home design trends for spring, paying particular attention to 2017.

All about Green

In an effort to symbolize new beginnings and spring, Pantone chose Greenery as their Colour of the Year for 2017. It is a yellow-green, pairing well with countless other colours. The fact that a shade of green is the colour of the year has sparked many inclusions of green in design trends, particularly around springtime. An ever-popular dark accent is forest green, and a common light one is mint green. In addition to being a popular choice for paint or fabric, you will often see green in interior design through plants and flowers that make your home come alive.

Visit the Tropics

Many people choose to bring heat and life inside their homes in an effort to combat the changeable nature of outdoor spring weather. Thus, they incorporate bright colours, tropical flower and fern prints, wicker baskets, and animal prints into their home. In essence, they are bringing a wild tropical flair to them, whether it is through simple accents or entire rooms. This has become a significant trend for spring in 2017 as an excellent way of incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year into interior design.

Learning about Geometry

Geometry is playing a large role when it comes to spring home design this year. Geometric patterns, particularly simple ones, are an effective way to include patterns in the home while also eliciting a modern and sophisticated flair in interior design.

It’s All Faux

Faux leather has been around in clothing for quite some time, but did you know that other faux materials are beginning to trend in home design, particularly for this spring? Specifically, we are seeing a higher number of countertops, tabletops, et cetera that look marble, but really are not. There are also faux hardwood floors, known as laminate. Faux plants are also a popular choice for individuals looking for greenery requiring no maintenance. In short, faux materials are trending in spring as an affordable way of injecting elegance into home design.

Mix Your Patterns

This spring, it is all about mismatching patterns. People are using quilts on their beds, patchwork pillows, and more in their homes, now more than ever. This particular spring design trend gives a distinct bohemian flair to every home. Mismatched patterns can also act as a statement piece, from which people choose the rest of the colours in the room.


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