5 Reasons To Build In Parry Sound

You’d be hard-pressed to find a town that’s more cottage country than Parry Sound. It’s a common getaway spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto, but could it be a good location to set down some roots?

With a population of only 6,408, this small town might be an ideal place to build if you’re ready for some peace and quiet. In this article, we’re looking at five reasons to build a house in Parry Sound.

A Beautiful Location

Parry Sound is a small town on the Eastern shore of Parry Sound. Yep, the town shares its name with the body of water that it sits on. While confusing at first, it’s intuitive to just think of Parry Sound as the whole package. And there’s no denying that the entire area is one of the most beautiful that Canada has to offer.

Parry Sound Home

You don’t need to leave the big city completely behind you. It’s only about 160 km south of Sudbury and 225 km from Toronto.

The Weather Outside is Weather

The weather in Parry Sound is pretty much what you’d expect for Ontario cottage country. Beautiful warm summers to spend on the water, and snowy winters for fun in the snow. Whatever weather you prefer, there will be at least one point in the year when you’ll be comfortable.

Build a cottage Parry Sound

And if it’s just a cottage that you’re looking at building, the seasonality of the area means that you’ll experience something different at whichever point in the year you decide to visit.

All the Amenities

While Parry Sound is a small town, there are many amenities and services for residents of all ages. These include health services, schools, and a library.

There are also several events that happen throughout the year like its famous Snowfest, which includes its annual winter carnival. Much of the draw is the nature, though, so in between going to the beach and exploring one of the many trails and nature parks, there’s plenty to do in the great outdoors.

A Rich History

If you’re a history buff, there’s plenty of that in Parry Sound. The town was established way back in 1857 and when the rail service was built, Parry Sound was an important depot along the rail line. While the town stayed small throughout the years, there are many stories and interesting facts to learn.

And if you like art, you’ll likely already be aware of how popular the location was for many artists. Many of the works by members of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson were inspired by the views and landscapes you’ll experience in Parry Sound.

An Affordable Price

If you’re used to the prices in the GTA, you might be surprised by the cost of land in Parry Sound. Space is abundant in and around the town, so buying a plot of land to build a home on might not be as much of a hardship as you might be expecting.

Prime real estate that’s ready for development is easy to find. Beautiful lots are available all over the area. It’s common for buyers to find a lot and hold onto it until they’re ready to make the plunge and build a house or getaway cottage on it.

Parry Sound may or may not have been on your radar for building a new home, but it may be worth a second glance. There are more than enough reasons why Parry Sound could be the perfect place to build a new home.


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