5 Reasons You Should Build Your Cottage in Collingwood

There are so many beautiful locations across Ontario to consider building a cottage.   

But it’s rare that you’ll find a town where you can experience something new every time you visit, in all four seasons, while still maintaining that small-town feel and serving all your essential needs.  

Collingwood, Ontario has it all!  

You can hit the ski slopes during the chilly Canadian winter and enjoy a relaxing day on the water all summer long. There’s no shortage of amenities and a wealth of outdoor activities for all ages. Collingwood, Ontario is the perfect location for building your new cottage!  

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through all that Collingwood has to offer and the many lifelong benefits of building a cottage in Collingwood.

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Collingwood Offers a Wide Range of Outdoor Activities

Collingwood, Ontario is best known for their popular resort, Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain offers an abundance of activities for every season of the year, even if you’re not staying at the resort. The possibilities are endless!

The most common activity done at Blue Mountain is skiing. Day and season passes are available for everyone, making it the perfect location for cottagers to frequent during the winter months.  

Fast-forward to springtime, where Collingwood locals and seasonal residents enjoy the freshly bloomed flowers, biking, hiking, and golf to ease into the warmer months of the year.  

During the summer, Collingwood offers lakefront views and enticing beaches to spend the entire day at and keep cool.  

Grabbing a refreshing drink at one of the local Collingwood Breweries or heading to the restaurants in the Blue Mountain village is always a fun, social activity in the summertime to get that community feel while still enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors on the patio. 

During the fall, Collingwood offers a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy with your family and friends of all ages. The Georgian Trail is one of the most popular hiking and biking trails that feature jaw-dropping views and lookout points. Golfing during the fall is gorgeous, with the fall colours creating a very scenic experience.  

Collingwood is also home to a dozen pick-your-own farms. Picking apples to make warm apple pie or cider is something kids will love to do while visiting up north in the fall!

Fun in All Four Seasons

You don’t always get to enjoy all four seasons to the fullest in Ontario. Southern Ontario has very few ski hills, and many of its clean, swimmable lakeshores are already full to the brim with cottagers and day trippers.

And in much of cottage country, winter weather doesn’t offer much, so you’re really only able to enjoy the cottage for three seasons of the year.  

Yet in Collingwood, there is more to do in every season than you can possibly fit into your schedule.

During the winter, you can snowshoe, ski, ice skate, snowboard, hike through the cold, or go tobogganing! Collingwood has so much to offer to stay active even when it is below freezing, making the most of the season and keeping you and your family active.  

Once it warms up, you can enjoy the South Georgian Bay all summer long swimming and boating!  

Having a cottage in Collingwood creates a space where your family and friends can bond during any season of the year all while staying active and enjoying each season as it comes and goes.

Comfortable Location for All Stages of Life, Kid-Friendly

Safety and comfort are top on the list when deciding on a location for your newly built cottage. You want to make sure health and safety amenities are close by.

The outdoors can be a bit risky at any age, but especially as you grow older, it’s important to know that you’ll be taken care of in the event of an emergency.  

Fortunately, Collingwood has numerous hospitals surrounding the town in case of any emergency or healthcare needs during your visits up north.  

And for young children, or grandchildren, Collingwood has so much to offer! In a short ride, you can be in the village going bowling, visit The Candy Factory, Farmer’s Market, parks, trails, and even go on an ATV tour.

Taking the kids on new adventures creates memories and experiences that help them form core family bonds.

Small Town Feel, and Near Other Larger Communities

Experience your own personal northern oasis while being close to high-end and family friendly dining options for a night out in the town! Collingwood offers a small town feel with a tight-knit community of locals, tourists, and seasonal residents.

You can enjoy the nature and feel of a remote small town, and still get the essential goods and services that you need in a pinch.

Larger surrounding communities include Owen Sound, a short 40-minute drive away. And Collingwood is just two hours from Toronto, making it the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city all year round!  

If you are itching to get out of Collingwood and adventure around Ontario for a day trip, you can visit Wasaga Beach, Sauble Beach, Tobermory, and Midland to explore different beaches along the coastline or participate in local events going on in the province.  

Collingwood’s geographical location makes getting a change of scenery every once and a while a piece of cake!

Building a New Cottage in Collingwood, Ontario

With so many beautiful locations across the province of Ontario, choosing the location of your soon-to-be newly built cottage can be a tough decision.  

When deciding on a location it is important to consider what activities you love doing and where you can do them with ease.  

Remember, building a cottage is about having a place to escape too, relax, and do activities that make you feel good!  

We hope this guide to Collingwood, Ontario and what it has to offer for seasonal residents and cottage–goers will be helpful in making your decision.  

To learn more about building a cottage in Collingwood, visit one of our Design Centres or contact us to speak to a Royal Homes Design Expert. We’re here to help every step of the way.


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