6 Beautiful Interior Décor Trends to Watch in 2019

You’re never really ‘done’ when it comes to interior design. With each new year comes exciting new trends and possibilities, offering a fresh start for recent and long-established homeowners alike!

These are a few of the top interior decor trends we’re watching in 2019: colours, materials, accents and styles that are already making statements in our favourite home magazines and design feeds.

1. Darker Shades

This is the year to break out of the neutral zone and embrace your dark side. The all-white wall trend is starting to feel worn-out, and more and more homeowners are leaning towards darker, more dramatic shades. Dulux/PPG even selected a deep shade of green called Night Watch as its 2019 colour of the year!

Spark your dark décor inspiration:

2. Quartz Countertops

The verdict is in: according to Houzz, 2018 was the year that engineered quartz finally eclipsed granite as the material of choice for new kitchen countertops. Engineered quartz can have a similar look and feel to slate, granite or soapstone, but at a fraction of the cost – plus, quartz is more durable and easier to clean. Its shimmer-smooth surface is a great way to brighter your kitchen.

Learn more about quartz countertops:

3. Statement Mirrors

Mirrors are a practical accent: they bounce light, expand the horizon, and let you check your reflection on the way out the door. Bigger is better when it comes to mirrors in 2019, with more designs that rest against the wall rather than hanging from it.

More reflection on this 2019 décor trend:

4. Blended Walls, Baseboards, and Trims

Trims and baseboards don’t need to stand out from the wall. In fact, painting baseboards and trims the same colour as the walls is a classic interior design trick – it makes small rooms feel taller and open spaces seamless. This continuous paint technique is one of the fastest-growing interior décor trends going into 2019, especially in offices and living rooms.

A case for floor-to-ceiling colour:

5. Textured Walls

Accent walls are an interior design staple, but the traditional two-tone design is a bit out-of-fashion in 2019. Textured walls are a more contemporary way to distinguish different parts of the space. Geometric wood patterns and modern panelling are growing trends, along with colourful wallpaper that gives the illusion of texture.

What does a textured wall look like?

Does your dream home include any of these distinguished décor trends? Our home designers can help make it a reality. Here are some of the dream homes we brought to life in 2018.


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