6 Luxurious Home Decor Trends to Inspire Your Custom Home in 2022

Your custom prefabricated home is a new beginning. Its decor should be exciting and grand ‒ befitting this huge milestone in your life!

If anything, the past two years have shed light on how crucial it is to embrace every day and relish every last moment. Your interior design in your custom prefab home can help you do just that.

You deserve to wake up surrounded by colours and textures that bring a smile to your face.

Here are some luxurious decor trends to inspire you when designing your dream home!

1. Get Lost in the Majestic Night Skies

Nothing is quite as inspiring as galaxy-style finishes that make you feel like you’re stargazing in your own home!

Whether we’re talking vanity units, luxury tabletops, and everything in between, dark blue designs with white, gold, and pale blue accents have been taking Canadian homes by storm. They’ll continue to do so throughout 2022 and beyond.

2. Immerse Your Home in Green

Spending more time indoors isn’t a negative, especially when you enhance the positives.

You bring the outdoors into your home by adding plants as a pivotal component of your decor. This addition will bolster concentration and decrease stress, just like spending time outside. You’ll also improve air quality.

Biophilic design – creating a natural indoor environment via direct/indirect nature and space/place conditions – is a continually growing trend. Serene, plant-filled settings are at the helm, spearheading this shift.

Don’t limit yourself to plants, though. You can adorn kitchen cabinets with playful green accents or fully paint your living room walls green, whatever your heart desires!

3. Explore Distant Lands Within Your Home

With the world slowly beginning to open back up, you likely have plans to travel in the future.

That said, you can continue to satisfy your wanderlust even if you’re working from home, minding the kids, or ageing in place.

Set your home up for inward, exotic adventures by designing your walls with leafy palms and safari animals. Similar patterns of faraway lands offer you escapism and relaxation because they elicit feelings from your most cherished holidays.

Additionally, consider adding flora and fauna to add drama and depth to your wall, making each day feel like a life-affirming journey.

4. Make Your Textures Earthy and Rich

Wood, plaster, bronze, leather, and other tactile materials and nature-derived finishes will bring even more of the outdoors into your home.

In the same vein, design experts also claim that plaster, clay, and lime washes will take precedence in 2022.

Many homeowners will experiment with raked plaster, rougher clay, or grainy stucco textures. Specifically, the popularity of these designs stems from their durability and water resistance.

5. Every Incredible Home Needs a Great Room

New designs and redesigns throughout 2022 will focus on adding great rooms because of the ongoing shift toward functionality.

Once upon a time, formalized living spaces that didn’t use all rooms were the norm. Nowadays, with families beginning to gather and reunite, homeowners want grand rooms where everyone can fraternize and lounge.

Great rooms don’t necessarily sacrifice form because of their focus on function. Aesthetics remains a priority. For instance, layered rugs and a linen sofa can add rich textures while maintaining the relaxed energy of the space by filling it with softness that calls for family bonding!

6. Blending Old with New

There’s been a call to lean into more traditional interiors, but more as a source of inspiration than a hard-fast rule.

We’re not suggesting deck out your decor in something antiquated like floral prints! Instead, rely on subtle hints with cozy and inviting interiors, pairing contemporary lighting and modern artwork with classic furniture silhouettes (e.g. an English roll arm sofa).

Mixing old with new will allow you to keep feeling young while remaining completely at ease with your current stage of life, whatever that may be!

Designing Your Home Using 2022’s Latest Trends is A Chance to Create Your Own Universe

Moving into a prefabricated custom home is an exciting time. Seize this opportunity to create the home you’ve been dreaming about your whole life!

Selecting your decor is your chance to harness the full power of your freedom and creativity. You get to invent your own world. Or, more accurately, your own universe.

So, take your time, and savour the redesigning process. It’ll be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do.


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