5 Upgrades That Will Add the Most Value to Your Home

Homeowners know ongoing maintenance is a key way to ensure their home retains its usefulness and curb appeal. However, you can also increase a new build’s value by spending some extra time on planning. What additional components could you add to the structure to increase its charm and function?
Here are five upgrades to consider. Employing as many of these as possible can add up to a sizeable return on investment both now and in the future.


Conserving energy is important for the planet and is an increasing concern of consumers. Heating bills can be quite costly, so why not also include a fireplace?
Fireplaces look wonderful and are an excellent source of supplemental heat. There is also a perfect way to heat just one portion of a home, rather than the entire structure, and that equals savings.

Ceramic Tiled Showers

Instead of providing a simple tub/shower combination, offer an alternative that is more attractive and functional. Ceramic tiled showers offer many different design possibilities and can also provide homeowners with a safer and more convenient way to bathe, particularly when it comes to washing their feet.
People with mobility or stability issues often like to bathe sitting down, but may find walk-in tubs unattractive and impractical. A shower designed both for their needs and the rest of the family will satisfy all.

Hard Surface Countertops

Kitchen countertops must stand up to a lot in order to meet the day-to-day needs of a family. You could install a basic laminate countertop, but these do not have the lifespan of their granite and quartz equivalents.
Also, let’s face it, a granite or quartz countertop simply looks more attractive and cutting edge. They really enhance a kitchen and are less likely to need replacing when it comes time to put the home on the market.

Finish the Basement

Almost everyone wants more space in their home, so why leave out the basement? Yes, you will need a portion of it for items like the furnace, but a finished basement provides a homeowner with more options.
Do you wish to keep your living room neat and tidy for guests? Try using the basement for a living room instead. Basements can also make excellent spots for rec rooms. Couples with children desiring more privacy can move one or more of the kids’ bedrooms downstairs. Do your elderly parents need a place to live now that their house is too big for them? Set them up in your finished basement.
Yes, a basement is handy for storage, but a finished one increases the usable living space in a home—always a selling point.


Shadows can look wonderful in movies, but not in a home. If you walk into a home bathed in shadow throughout, your first thought might be, “What are they trying to hide?” The second is likely “The lighting is inadequate.” What good is expensive furniture and carefully considered interior design without proper illumination?
Show off your home with pride by providing proper lighting in all of the rooms. Invest in modern energy-efficient light fixtures and dimmers. A well-lit home is a more pleasant place to be for both family and friends.


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