Better Way to Build

Better Way to Build

Royal Homes is a leader in the prefabricated building industry. Throughout its 46 years in business, Royal Homes has been refining its construction process to produce the highest quality homes in the most efficient way possible. This white paper details this process from start to finish.

Royal Homes builds custom homes for clients across Canada. Rather than build on-site, the construction process takes place almost entirely within an 110,000 ft2 manufacturing facility located in Wingham, Ontario. Royal Homes then transports the house in sections and assembles it on-site.

There are many benefits to building homes in a factory.

The process eliminates variables that impact traditional construction projects, like the weather and conditions on-site, making for a faster build that stays on budget. Each house is subject to a 250-point CSA-approved inspection system to ensure a consistent build quality. The indoor environment eliminates many of the potential hazards to workers found on a construction site. The process is also sustainable, minimizing waste and environmental impacts like air emissions, land disturbance, and water pollution.

Each step of the Royal Homes Building process is optimized to ensure precision, efficiency, and durability. The home is split into two four-sided modules for ease of transportation. Workers build each module on a rolling jig that moves from one building bay to the next once each step is complete. The home must pass an inspection checklist at each bay before it can advance to the next stage.

This white paper demonstrates how this process allows Royal Homes to complete the factory build in under two weeks. It goes through the build step-by-step, from laying the floorboards to raising the walls, constructing the roof, and preparing the house for transportation. The final product stands as proof that factory construction is a better way to build custom homes.

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