Design Trends: Trend #1 – Smaller and More Livable

There is a trend to building smaller homes. It just makes sense. As the economy struggles to regain its equilibrium, families are looking for cost-effective solutions to managing their budget. Downsizing allows you to focus on your priorities while keeping frivolous spending to a minimum. Smaller homes require fewer furnishings – so you can invest in better-quality pieces. Smaller means less space to clean, but it requires strategic design to create storage spaces. With a little imagination, you can add interesting features that create unique spaces, giving your home greater definition.

The Oxford is just 1500 square feet, but its open space design give the impression of a much larger home. The house is designed for the modern family. The master suite is set apart from the other bedrooms, making it truly an oasis. The kitchen, living room and dining area is wide open – bringing the family together in one space and allowing for larger groups. I encourage you to visit the home at the Wingham Design Centre. It’s fast becoming one of our most popular base designs for your personal custom design.

The advantage with custom building your own home is that you can start with a base plan and identify the key advantages for your living choices. The Oxford has an efficient U-shaped kitchen design. You can add an island or change the configuration of the cabinets to create your ideal space. Whether you’re a gourmet or a practical cook – you can make design choices that make sense for your specific lifestyle.

Because every Royal Home is custom-built, the design team will help you modify an existing plan or start from scratch by designing the house you have always dreamt of.


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