Design Trends: Trend #4 – Acknowledge Clutter

In my dreams, I have an entire wall of cabinets dedicated to the daily junk that comes in every day at my house – the papers, the toys, the packages, the things I need to use, but not now. In those cabinets is a slide-out box for every month. And all the clutter I remove from my island and kitchen counter (seriously, does it multiply overnight?) is placed into those drawers. Then, the next year, when the month comes around again, I simply dump the box and the clutter and start fresh. No one ever sees it.

Every family has routines and activities that produce clutter – hockey bags, soccer shoes, ballet slippers, jackets, boots, scarves, mitts backpacks, school stuff. I encourage you to make your own list.

My daughter-in-law suggested I use baskets to take care of some of the clutter in my laundry room. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the baskets were already there, buried deep beneath the pile of clutter.

Building your own custom home, gives you the luxury of designing the spaces you need to take care of the clutter that your family brings into the home. Sometimes closets are not the best solutions. Often built-in cabinets, hooks and benches are the perfect solution.

Visit the Royal Homes Lakeview model in Gravenhurst. This home is planned to deal with the everyday clutter. The main entry, just off of the kitchen and entering the foyer which goes into the great room is ideal for families who are active and require space to store their outdoor activity apparel and sports equipment. The space is designed for efficient organization – there is a place for everything.


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