Design Trends: Trend #6 – Unique Spaces

The design of the home I live in today caught our attention because the designer took a little extra time to think about detail. Now, we built custom through Royal Homes, so we really started with a blank slate. But we looked at hundreds of home plans.

By the time we got to Royal Homes, we were a little confused about what we really wanted. But they helped us sort that out and I want to emphasize how important that research was, because building your own custom home is chalked full of minute details. However, when the home builders works even small, seemingly inconsequential details into the home plan, you home will truly be like no other. That’s what sets custom home building apart.

I invite you to browse the Royal Homes gallery – there are many different features that home owners have built that truly make a difference.

The Ashton takes advantage of beautiful sloping roofs. It’s just a slight nod to past design and an invitation to the warmth of a cozy bedroom. In the model home, the builder has chosen to finish the upstairs hobby room walls in plywood – with truly intriguing results.

The Ambercroft celebrates its uniqueness in curb appeal. The veranda defines the home. As the home owner, you can choose many different ways to build the veranda – each product will bring a different tone to the final structure. It will set your home apart from the neighbours.

The Loyalist adds a banister and a loft that overlooks the living area. The loft is a cozy retreat space – a private space for the family to relax and hang out without any pressure. The banister adds to the elegance of the living space, and is a feature that truly makes a difference.

As you flip through the custom home designs you will see how a built-in desk sets a tone within the kitchen space. The addition of a sunroom creates an inviting, quietness to an active household. There are many featured fireplaces – each one defines the space, giving a clear personality to the home. Cabinets, built-in bookshelves, islands and window seats add detail and uniqueness to your home.


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