How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Custom Home

Your home is your castle — especially when it’s custom-built to your exact specifications. You take pride in every room, item of furniture, appliance…everything that makes this special place feel like it’s well and truly yours to call home.

Sometimes, it almost feels as though your humble abode has a life of its own, giving off its own unique energy and ‘good vibes.’

It’s fitting, then, that many people who build a custom home in Ontario go on to give the property its very own moniker!

What’s in a Name?

At first, it may seem a bit strange to name your home, seeing as it’s inanimate. But when you start to look into it, you’ll quickly discover that naming your house is a time-honoured practice that goes back generations!

Plus, there are plenty of other material possessions out there, like cars and boats, that owners regularly name. These things are all a reflection of your personality, and it’s a fun and creative thing to do!

Here are 7 helpful tips to help get your creative juices flowing until you land upon the perfect name for your custom home!

1. Look for Geographical Gems

Part of the reason you chose your property is its location! Geography probably has a big influence on your home’s architectural design as well.

As such, naming your home after a nearby geographical attribute would be fitting!

Consider what kind of features you can see from your home. People often apply terms such as Willows, Lake, Meadow, Valley and Railway to the name of their homes.

For example, a home built on Ontario’s Escarpment could tout a name like Above It All, The Overlook or Valley View Villa. A cottage in Muskoka could be the Lakeview Oasis!

2. Seek Out Historical Cache

Looking to land upon a meaningful name for your home? Look no further than the history of the property itself!

The land didn’t just spring up the second you chose it for your living space. There’s obviously going to be a history and narrative into which you can sink your creative teeth.

Is your home located where an old mill, schoolhouse, or Church used to be? Or maybe your abode has found itself where a local courthouse once stood. These factors can offer some direction when naming your home!

3. Locally Source Your Home’s Name

Does your town or city have any landmarks? That local colour could offer the necessary creative impetus to name your home!

Think about your street name or neighbourhood. A nearby rail stop might work as well.

Something like Eastridge, Highlands, or Flatiron adds a touch of character and class to your home.

4. Find the Wonder in Wildlife

Do you enjoy strolling through nearby parks or visiting local reservations for nature walks?

Then you’re going to encounter plenty of local wildlife—which might offer you a suitable name for your home.

In fact, the wildlife you see around town might make regular appearances in your backyard. You might play host to rabbits, deer, foxes, birds, or even bears. Why not include these loveable (and sometimes scary) creatures in the identity of your home?

5. Explore Your Home

You don’t have to search the annals of time or explore every square km of your town to conjure up a memorable name for your home!

The answer might be within your property—showing itself through a striking feature that genuinely speaks to you. Yellow shutters, a picket fence, wrought iron gates, a winding drive…all could have the makings of an unforgettable name for your house!

6. Delve Into Your Family History

Your boxes of priceless photo albums, and home videos can be another great influence on your choice of name.

Perhaps your home could be named after the first ancestor that landed in Canada. Or maybe you could choose the flight (or boat) that an ancestor arrived in!

7. The Answer Might Exist in Humor

Do you fancy yourself as something of a jokester?

Then why not reflect that in the name of your home?

Witty and cheeky puns like “Allmine” or “Dun Strugglin” show a sense of pride in your accomplishment of purchasing your home, along with your sense of humour!

There’s no real estate you’ll own in your life that’s quite as personal as a custom-made house. So, embrace the entirety of the customization process by doing the little things—such as naming your home! 


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