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Imagine feeling perfectly at ease every single time you step through your front door. Living in a home that accommodates all your family’s needs without renovations required. You might think it’s only the stuff of dreams ‒ something that requires much more time, attention and resources than you can afford.

But there’s a better way to build a custom home. You wouldn’t know by looking, but each and every home pictured here was custom-built by master tradespeople in our building facility, then delivered to the building site nearly fully assembled. This revolutionary process makes it possible to build your home faster, with no delays or extra costs, and at a price that truly fits your budget.

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Why now is the best time to start building

Once a year, we increase our baseline pricing to account for inflation and rising production costs. This typically accounts for a price increase of about 5%. In 2019, this ~5% price increase will occur on November 1.

But when you start designing your home today, you’ll:

  1. “Lock-in” our 2019 pricing for good the moment you put down a deposit. This will instantly save you tens of thousands of dollars on the total cost of your home!
  2. Have the entire rest of the year to plan, dream and customize your home to your heart’s content. No need to decide every detail right away!
  3. Move into your new home before the summer of 2020, with no delays, surprise costs or budget overruns.

Of course, by no means do you have to decide every little detail about your home right away. You’ll have the entire rest of the year to plan, dream and customize your home to your heart’s content! Over the holidays, you can share the in-progress plan with your family. Maybe you’ll even decide who will stay in which bedroom when you spend the holidays there next year!

What you’ll get when you start today

1 . Fall design, spring delivery

For most of our clients, the process from start to delivery is 12 to 16 weeks with move in 8 to 12 weeks thereafter. Start the design process today and you’ll move in before next summer!

2 . Customize everything

Walls, floors, stairways, doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, lights, door handles...dream without limits! Start working with our designers and architects to plan your home right away.

3 . No price changes

We sell our homes at a firm price, even as housing prices and material costs continue to increase throughout the year. No cost overruns. No surprises.

4 . A home built to last

We build homes that last generations, using only top-quality construction materials that will stand the test of time. Have peace of mind knowing your home meets all local and provincial building codes and passes stringent quality controls.

5 . Full warranty

All homes come with a 7-year Tarion-backed structural warranty that is extended 3 additional years by Royal Homes to give you a full 10 years of coverage. Start living in a worry-free home.

What our homeowners have to say

Love our Royal Home. The house was as promised and on time June 2014. The interior and exterior were flawless. The workers are pleasant and have an excellent work ethic. Any small problems have been fixed without any issues.
Kenny Helbert, Smithville, Ontario
Had the best experience with Royal Homes. From start to finish, the professionalism of all the staff was top notch. Whether it was the office staff, the sales rep, or the guys who came onsite, everyone was always friendly and able to help us when needed.
Wendy Goldie, Cambridge, Ontario
On the occasion of my three year anniversary of receiving my keys, I wanted to thank Chris Weppler (Wingham) for the outstanding service and product. Three years later I am still amazed at no nail pops and the house is as solid as the day I moved in.
Shirley Mein, Dunchurch, Ontario

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