How to Turn a ‘Cookie-Cutter’ House Into A Unique Home

So you’re thinking about getting a prefab home.

Why not? They’re made with healthier materials, better for the environment and built to stand the test of time.

But there’s one thing holding you back…you don’t want a cookie-cutter house. You want a place that screams you, not something that looks like it came from the factory!

That’s a common concern when it comes to building a prefab house. But the truth is, this issue couldn’t be easier to solve!

There’s no reason to worry about the uniqueness (or lack thereof) of your prefab house. Our homes look custom, not prefab, so you should think of them as such! When you build a custom prefabricated home, it’s like having a blank canvas you can personalize with your own decor preferences.

Not convinced? Read on to discover how to make your prefab home 100% unique!

The Ceiling

It’s easy to forget the difference that a beautiful ceiling can make. After all, it isn’t exactly the first thing people look at when they come over.

However, having a one-of-a-kind ceiling can be like a great decor surprise: once your visitors look up, they’ll be amazed at what they see and impressed at how you planned your home down to the last detail!

A beautiful ceiling affects the whole atmosphere of your home. So, instead of going for the standard popcorn ceiling, why not go for something a little different? A cathedral ceiling, a smooth ceiling, wooden beams or ceiling medallions are only a few of the options to choose from.

The Flooring

We’re sure you’re bursting with ideas to make your ceiling memorable, but take a moment to look down. That’s right, your flooring can be another thing that sets your prefab home apart from the rest! When it comes to the materials you can use, the options are nearly endless.

Our advice is that you think about the rest of your decor and what kind of flooring would go best with it. If you’re the type who loves to redecorate your place from time to time, it can be a good idea to go for a type of flooring that’s more versatile.

Hardwood, ceramic tile, and carpet can make for one-of-a-kind flooring looks. And if you want to go even further, why not mix it up a bit?

The Heating

If you live in a climate where temperatures can drop quite low, you know your home’s heating system is simply indispensable. But have you ever thought about it as a distinguishing factor?

If you want to keep it on the low, a simple forced-air heating system is always an option. But if you’re aiming for a more rustic look, there’s nothing better fitting than an old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace.

Finally, for a more classic look, you can’t go wrong with a propane fireplace (which you can always style up a bit!)

The Exterior Finishes

By now, you’re definitely dreaming of al the ways you can make the interior of your home 100% you. So, let’s step outside for a moment.

The exterior of your home is the first thing guests see. You can make a statement from the get-go with a show-stopping exterior finish.

Many people go for vinyl siding exteriors. This material can make for beautiful homes, but it doesn’t really make them stand out. So, don’t be afraid to think beyond vinyl!

Cedarwood is a unique option that smells great and keeps insects away. Real brick is eco-friendly, low-maintenance and super resistant (what else could you ask for?). Real stone will make your home look as fancy as can be.

Last but not least, manufactured brick or stone are great options if you’re on a budget.

Paint Colours

It’s easy to see how the colours of your walls can completely change the vibe in your home. We’re not saying you have to go crazy with the colours (although you can and it can end up looking amazing), but neutral colours can be just as beautiful and unique!

The colours you choose will depend on the look you want each room to have. Our standard paint is the Opulence line from Sherwin Williams, a premium paint that glides on buttery-smooth and presents an elegant, silky-rich look.

See? Prefab doesn’t have to mean cookie-cutter! We hope the suggestions we’ve given you today help to spark your inspiration. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about building a custom prefab home!

The secret is simple: you just need to get creative. Happy decorating!


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