5 Lakes To Build On In The Kawarthas

A waterfront cottage is the ultimate summer cottage dream. You can go fishing, swim in a fresh lake, and take a relaxing vacation from the hustle of regular life. The Kawarthas happens to be a popular lakefront cottage region in Canada, playing host to multiple small communities rich in culture and history.

Curious about your options for lakes to build on in the Kawarthas? Here are five lovely ones to consider:

Sturgeon Lake

Sturgeon Lake is a gorgeous location for your waterfront cottage. The lake itself is approximately 26 kilometers from end to end, and 3 kilometers wide. It’s home to many fish including walleye and bass, making it a great place to fish during the summer.

Do you want the appeal of lakefront cottage living, but easy access to community activities? Surrounding Sturgeon Lake you have a collection of vibrant communities, including Fenelon Falls, Sturgeon Point, Bobcaygeon, and Lindsay. With these close-knit communities nearby, you get amenities like independent movie theatres, antique stores, and a whole lot of history.

Want to step into a dedicated ice cream shop with the widest range of flavours of the most delicious ice cream of your life? You can get that in these communities. Do you want to see some historical architecture? Try walking down the main street in Lindsay.


Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake borders the small, close-knit town of Fenelon Falls. It’s a smaller lake at roughly 7 kilometers long from end to end and 3 and a half kilometers wide. The properties on Cameron Lake are generally level and do not have steep access to water. The shoreline itself varies between sandy and rocky.

Fenelon Falls is often referred to as the Jewel of the Kawarthas, with its mix of fine restaurants, gift shops, and antique stores, among many other attractions. The town hosts a wonderful Canada Day celebration every year, including a fireworks display at Garnet Graham Park. Other events you can expect to enjoy if you have a cottage on Cameron Lake include an annual car show, a steam show, as well as a Jamboree and Art Festival.

Balsam Lake

Balsam Lake is a perfect gem in the Kawartha region. It has many bays on its shorelines, as well as an island in the lake. It also happens to be the highest point of the Trent-Severn Waterway, which connects Lake Ontario to Lake Huron.

Nearby communities include Coboconk, home to Canada’s smallest jail (now housing a gift shop), and Lindsay, with an independent theatre, historic buildings, and delicious Kawartha Dairy ice cream shops. In addition, Balsam Lake is also home to Balsam Lake Provincial Park, which provides a comfortable place to camp and a wonderful location to walk and meet new people.

Four Mile Lake

Are you looking for a quiet location for a waterfront cottage? Consider Four Mile Lake, a small closed lake system in the Kawartha region. The northern portion of the lake is part of the Canadian Shield, which means the shoreline is often a gorgeous granite.

Do you want a nice community with your cottage neighbours? The primary access to the lake is a combination of four private roads the cottage owners maintain.

Do you also want access to towns for shopping, dining, and cultural experiences? Four Mile Lake is near to Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk, and Kinmount—you can easily enjoy ice cream, Canada Day fireworks, or watching a movie in an independent theatre (among many other activities) when you have a cottage on Four Mile Lake.


Pigeon Lake

Pigeon Lake, which is 27 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, is part of a tri-lake system in the Kawarthas that hosts multiple popular fishing tournaments throughout the fishing season. It is a picturesque lake with clear waters and gorgeous scenery.

Cottage owners on the lake have access to multiple small and close communities such as Bobcaygeon and Omemee. Like many small communities in the Kawarthas, these have lovely cultural celebrations including on Canada Day. In addition, Omemee happened to be the childhood home of popular musician Neil Young, who actually based the song “Helpless” on Omemee itself.

Image: nblxer


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