Let the Winds Blow

When I was a young boy I lived in an ancient farmhouse – in fact, my great-grandfather built the original home. Deep stone walls gave each window well a broad wooden sill. While there were many updates during the years, my parents hesitated to replace the windows. They were unique sizes and hard to replace. They also added a lot of charm to the old farmhouse. The cost of replacing them was a little formidable. So we lived with the charm – and the draft. My mother loved candles – but one really windy night the candles in the window actually blew out from the draft!!

Leaking windows and doors is the number one reason your heating bill is high. That’s why Royal Homes takes such care to make sure the building envelope is sealed. Because we build indoors, it’s much easier to ensure a perfect seal. We don’t fight against the wind, sleet or rain. We are able to seal your home inside our factory. We have special tools to make sure the entire building envelope is sealed.

When you choose deep windows with old-fashioned sills, you will know that your Royal Home is draft free – the candles will burn efficiently. With R50 in the ceiling and R22 in the walls, your home will be toasty warm… So let the wind blow!


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