THE ROYAL ADVANTAGE – “MOVE IN”, Step 8 of the 9 Steps to a Home You’ll Love

The Royal Advantage – “Move In”, Step 8 of the 9 Steps to a Home You’ll Love

In Step 1 and 2 we had a conversation about your Dream Home and together prepared a detailed Design and Layout, then added options with your Personal Style and Colors.

In Step 3 and 4 we got on our Boots, walked your Lot and set the first stakes in the ground..

In Step 5 and 6 you completed a factory tour to see Your Home built indoors and delivered to your lot. Step 7 was getting your Home really finished.

Now for Step 8, Move In! Really, This is so exciting You have to call someone, well maybe everyone.

Appliances yes.  And they fit the openings. Glad that was checked out early. Curtains and Blinds. Your installer is coming this afternoon. The moving truck with your stuff.  Will be sweet to see the truck coming down your new driveway. Let the unloading begin.What a feeling to see the beds and dressers fit like you planned it from the start. Custom Design gives you what you want not what a builder tells you to have.

Things must be going alright because your Uncle Ralph is helping rather than telling or yelling. Glad to see you have some help to get the necessities unpacked.  Pizza and drinks for all.

When it starts to get hectic on moving day.  Just stop and imagine tomorrow morning when you have that cup of coffee in your hand and look out the windows like you just can’t believe it.  Wow, It finally happened.  My dream, My house.

Ok, I think You have this moving thing down. So even though Royal Homes went through our list and your list of the final touch-ups and adjustments, something will always come up.  Like I didn’t notice that piece of trim was not straight.  Or I know you told us, but how do you adjust the HRV?

If urgent please phone your Site Manager or our Service Department.  We will be glad to help. For the small items. Make a list.  We will come around with our annual service tour for those cracks touch-ups.

Now live it up. You have a Home that you will Love for years to come.



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