My Lot – Do I Need an Expert to Help Me Choose the Final Lot?

Let’s start with understanding the condition of the land. There are several ways for you to do your research. The web will certainly help, but some regions are less populated and do not have as detailed reports online. Begin by talking to the neighbours and people living in the region. They will be able to tell you a lot about the area. If your builder cannot provide the expertise you need, you can also employ a consultant to help you understand the geological implications of the unique characteristics of your lot.

Identify the water sources and the likely water flow. Maps of the region can help you understand the area. Check out the area for airports, large highways and seasonal events that might impact your lot.

Make sure you fully understand the building codes of your specific property. Know where the easements are – this is land that you own, but will be used for electrical and telephone poles. You also want to understand the access to electricity, gas, telephone, cable, sewer and water.


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