Pick up a Pencil

Here’s how it worked for us.

The design team sat us down and over a cup of coffee, just started talking about what we were looking for. I had already done quite a bit of research online. I discovered that the Royal Homes website was a great resource. With more than 50 house plans on their website, it gave me a chance to pick exactly what I wanted. The gallery was detailed. Not only did I get a chance to see the floor plans, I saw how the rooms looked and what kind of finishes were available.

I also checked other house plan sites, the more custom ideas the better..

The design team was fabulous in giving us suggestions – and keeping us on track. They worked within budget, while guiding us through a process of designing the perfect plan for our home.

During the process, I asked them how most people designed their home. Our designer smiled and told us that there were as many different ways as there were families.. because Royal Homes starts fresh with every new home buyer – They flex the process to make sure your home is designed exactly the way you want it to be.

They told me that one couple came with a sketch drawn on the back of an envelope. While that made me chuckle, I remember my mother – who loved sketching house designs – tearing open envelopes, flattening them and drawing no end of house plans. Other arrive with architectural drawings in hand – complete with specific instructions on flooring, cabinetry and exterior finishes. Still others come with a list, ideas of what they would like. They may have a couple of samples of home plans they like – but they haven’t settled on anything yet.

The design team at Royal Homes started with where I was, loosing none of the individual touches and necessities. They acted as guides in the design of my home, recognizing my needs and approving the aspects of a home I have desired for many years and now finally can enjoy.


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