Planning Your Move: Settle In Quickly And Comfortably

Are you moving to a new home soon? Regardless of whether you are moving to a new city or simply to a new house nearby, moving is a big event. It can get overwhelming to many people if they are not fully versed in how to make moving as smooth as possible. This is especially true because hardly anyone actually enjoys moving all of their things from place to place.

The good news? You can actually settle into your new home quickly and comfortably. How, you may ask? We have compiled a selection of tips for you to make the moving process smooth—so smooth you will not believe it.

Strategize and Organize

The first thing you need to do when you are going to move is devise a strategy and organize everything you possibly can. Do you need to hire a moving company, or can you rely on your friends? Get in touch with the company or your friends as soon as possible. Also, note that while you will need to pay the moving company cold hard cash, you can likely exchange help from your friends for something like pizza and drinks once the moving is finished.

Be sure to make a list of everything you require for the move, including if you need boxes, what utilities to set up at your new home, the route you want to take, what to pack first versus necessities leading up to the move, et cetera.

Use Your Labels

Do you want to make unpacking easy? Do you want to know where everything is, so you can unpack the most important boxes first? The key is to label everything. Make sure to at least put the name of the room on top of the box in clear lettering. If you have multiple boxes going to the same room, and you likely will also consider writing a brief description of the contents.

The labels indicating the room are helpful to anyone assisting you in the move, and the details can ensure you unpack strategically. For instance, why unpack a box of books before you have your bookshelf set up and ready to go?

Transfer Utilities

What utilities do you need to transfer? Do not forget your Internet or phone line! Make a list, and be sure to include the company contact information for each. Talk to the companies ahead of time and let them know about your move. In many instances, some will need notice for you to get out of your contract. Always research so you know the specific timelines for your situation.

If you need to set up with new companies at your new home, such as if you are moving to a different city, start researching as soon as you know the date of the move. This research, combined with talking to current utility companies, can ensure you experience as little service disconnection as possible.

Get Extra Supplies

You are going to need a lot of supplies to move from one house to another. Make sure you don’t need to worry about having enough by always buying extra! Write a list of what you need—e.g. boxes, packing tape, and packing material (like bubble wrap)—and then go a bit beyond the basic numbers. For instance, if you think 30 boxes, try getting 35 to 40 instead. Getting extra in advance helps streamline the process, so you don’t need to run out at the last minute in search of boxes, tape, or anything else.


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