Top 10 Reasons to Escape to the Cottage this Holiday Season

Christmas in the big city has its charms, but have you ever celebrated it at the cottage? Your favourite summertime destination in the country can also be a magical place this chilly time of year. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider escaping to the cottage this holiday season.

10. Tranquil Beauty

Do you think your cottage looks lovely during the summer? Just wait until you see it with a lovely blanket of snow on the ground, icicles extending off trees, and the lake frozen in time. You’ll want to take a picture and put it on next year’s Christmas cards—no question.

9. Peace and Quiet

Along with the tranquil beauty of the cottage in winter comes another prime asset of country living: the sound of silence. No traffic jams, no last-minute shoppers, no noisy holiday parties…just the peace and quiet of relaxation and recovery from the stresses of the year.

8. Technology Break

Depending on where you and your cottage are, cell reception may be intermittent or almost non-existent. This provides an excellent excuse to unplug for the holidays and enjoy the simple pleasures of conversation, reading, board games, and daytime napping away from the worries of the working world.

7. A Wood Burning Fireplace Everyday

cottage fireplace

Sure, you might have a wood-burning fireplace at home, but does it compare to the feeling you get sitting in front of the fireplace at the cottage? Stockpile firewood during the fall, and then enjoy the warmth and comfort a cottage fireplace can provide on a long winter’s night.

6. Skating on the Lake and Skiing Cross County

Remember the fun you had as a child skating outside? The lake provides you with the biggest rink imaginable and a truly lovely view. However, for safety, be sure to take appropriate precautions beforehand.

If you like to ski during the holidays, you must endure long lines and a lot of traffic. However, cross-country skiing at the cottage is a wonderful, leisurely affair allowing you to burn off some of those Yuletide calories while enjoying the crisp seasonal air.

skating on the lake

5. Loving the Night Sky

Summer sunsets are incredible at the cottage, but have you ever seen the sky on a cold winter night? The low temperatures usually result in a crystal-clear view of the stars. If you’re interested in taking up star gazing and getting some use out of your telescope sitting at home in the attic, the Northern Ontario sky offers up some incredible sights this time of year.

4. Catch Up with Your Northern Neighbours

Many of us develop longtime friendships with our cottage country neighbours, but typically only see them during the warmer months. Spending a few days up north present the possibility to catch up in person.

3. A Different Place for the Christmas Day Feast

The cottage can also serve as a new backdrop for your annual Christmas celebration. Maybe you need a change of scenery or perhaps your house is undergoing renovations. Whatever the case may be, having Christmas dinner at the cottage instead can reinvigorate the day. Friends and family who have not experienced the area can see it looking especially lovely. This might mean some extra driving and having to double up in the bedrooms, but the perfect cottage Christmas is more than worth the bother.

2. No Unexpected Visitors

If you prefer, the cottage at Christmas can provide a haven away from people outside the immediate family. Sure, you can derive a lot of pleasure from friends dropping by your home unannounced during the holidays. But there are other times when you might prefer time to yourself. Heading north for the holidays allows you and your family to get the collective “we time” busy schedules typically don’t allow.

And the #1 to escape to the cottage this holiday season…

1. You’ve Earned It

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