Step 6 (1)


In Step 1 and 2 we had a conversation about your Dream Home and together prepared a detailed Design and Layout, then added options with your Personal Style and Colors. In Step 3 and 4 we got on our Boots, walked your Lot and set the first stakes in the ground. Then Construction of the Foundation began under the watchful eye of our Site Manager. In Step 5. You completed a factory tour to see Your Home built indoors.

Now in Step 6 your Home gets delivered.  It’s Party Time!  Set up the lawn chairs and BBQ, this is the big event.  In the morning you have a foundation on your lot.  In the evening you have a home.

First things first.  Coffee ready?

Family and neighbors are here for a show and will be staying a while.  First the sound of the Trucks with your PreFab house pieces, all shrink wrapped, rolling down your street.  Then the rumble of the large crane which will lift the PreFab modules onto the foundation. Our Pro delivery crews then set up shop for the day.  The crane finds the best spot for the lift, puts out the safety legs and scopes out any trees or wires.  The first PreFab house module is backed towards the crane and the lifting bars and hoisting straps are wrapped around the house.


Wait, you want a peek inside first?  I would.  So we peel back the plastic.  The kitchen and flooring are installed and the walls are already painted.  My goodness, the light switches, sinks and tubs look almost ready to use.  Ok stop holding up the crew.  Time for business. The crane operator takes his signal from our Site Manager and starts the lift.  Slowly and steadily into the air the house module goes.  And just as slowly and steadily it sets the house piece down on the foundation as smoothly as putting down a pillow.  An 11 ton pillow!

The remaining Prefab modules are set in quick succession.  Our crew does not stop to take breaks for lunch until your home is fully set.  Now it is time to walk through the entire home.  Just try and keep the rest of your guests out.  Impossible!

You have waited patiently for your Dream Home and it’s finally here.  Congratulations!

The final site work on your home now begins and it is just weeks before move-in.  Our Site Manager will be updating you on the progress of the work on a daily basis.We want you to have a New Home that you will Love.



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