Scandanavian Design in 2021: Why This Home Trend is Here to Stay

When you think about it, Canada and Scandinavia have a lot in common: we’re polite, we love the outdoors, we make killer hockey players, and we’re definitely comfortable living in the cold.

So, not a stretch to imagine why we often both embrace similar styles of décor in our homes!

We’re talking about Scandinavian design, a modern trend that has proven to have stood the test of time in Canada and beyond.

Think about it. Scandinavian design is the reason that IKEA is a home décor superpower. So many modern Canadian homes currently brim with Scandanavian influence. There must be a reason why!

Let’s take a closer look at Scandinavian Design and what it could do for your next home.

What Exactly is Scandinavian Design?

Do you know who else loves Scandinavian design? Famous tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Her minimalist methods jive with many homeowners looking for decoration styles that eliminate clutter.

The minimalist style, combining function, form, and cleanness is the very essence of Scandinavian design. There’s no wasted space. Light spaces and simple lines influence the choice of furniture, textiles, ceramics, and lighting.

Many people find that this minimalist approach helps you feel calm, peaceful, and highly productive in your home. It’s worth mentioning that Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are mentioned amongst the happiest countries in the world, and there is some evidence that home design could play a small but notable role in this.

Incorporating Elements of Scandanavian Design

Thinking of bringing Scandanavian design into your next home? Here are a few Scandinavian design essentials.

1. Architecture

Naturally, the cornerstones of Scandinavian design cornerstones ‒ simplicity, functionality, and comfort ‒ play pivotal roles in the resulting architecture. Homes designed with this style in mind should:

  • Leverage natural light to its fullest
  • Utilize natural materials
  • Blend seamlessly with nature

Many of our home and cottage models, especially the Royal Q Series, are designed to tread lightly on the landscape and let the light in. Royal Homes are all custom-made just for you, but the modern – Royal Q Series is a great way to get an idea of what you want!

2. Natural Materials

Scandinavian designers specialize in taking an all-white space and making it feel tranquil and inviting, rather than cold and unwelcoming. Often, this involves a handpicked selection of textures stemming from the use of natural materials.

Such natural materials often appear in furniture and wood flooring, adding to the sense of radiant warmth. For starters, experts suggest sheepskin throws, pure stonewashed linen, and wool blankets. Wood, stone, and cotton are also encouraged in Scandinavian design!

3. Neutral Colours

The overall palette in Scandinavian design is characterized by neutral tones with natural notes. However, this doesn’t mean that bright and vibrant colours take a complete backseat. For instance, a home using Scandinavian design can effortlessly incorporate shades of blue, green, red, and yellow for accent pieces.

Dark accent walls are also a common feature of this design philosophy. The key with darker shades is they must be balanced by light wood floors to add more depth!

There’s one more creative way to incorporate vibrant colours in your living space: using greenery. A few plants per room will make the space shine!

4. Simplicity

Want a straightforward mantra to remove clutter from your home? Remember: keep things simple.

That philosophy is at the center of Scandinavian design!

Think about this through the lens of furnishing your home. To give just one example, some people put an extravagant table for 12 in their dining room, but for most of us, that enormous piece is an inefficient use of space. An intimate table for six in the same room will not only save space but make guests feel closer and more welcome.

The same goes for wall decor. It’s easy to over-decorate. A few choice pieces of art or family photos can make a powerful impact when they’re given space to breathe!

5. Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

All in all, it’s important to clear the clutter and choose your décor with thought. A smaller selection of meaningfully-chosen pieces goes a long way to convey warmth and harmony in your home. You’ll find that your home not only becomes a peaceful safe haven but a personal statement about who you are!

Our Design Specialists are waiting to help you bring your dream home to life! Reach out to start the process today.


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