Six modules delivered in single day! A great start to 2022!

A gentle snow fell on a crisp Bayfield morning on Lake Huron, just a few days into 2022. It was cold but calm.
Our crew could feel the minus-10 C chill right through the fingers of their work gloves.
But by day’s end – with six prefab modules crane-lifted perfectly into place on a full foundation – the clouds disappeared. A glorious winter sunset spread across Lake Huron.
“Definitely a beautiful day for January,” our site supervisor Andrew said.
A beautiful day to set a beautiful custom lake-front home for our clients, who couldn’t be there but were wowed by the efficient progress they watched on video. Family members stopped by to take some photos and marvel at our set crew’s incredible work.

In the dead of winter, four prefab modules in one day can be a crane-full.
Getting a six-module home with a steel roof set by 5 p.m. a few days into daylight-deprived January is a remarkable feat of skill, organization and know-how.
“Our set crew did a fantastic job getting this custom home delivered in one day,” Andrew said.
The narrow lake-front lot made lifting the modules a challenge for the crane. Each module had to be raised above trees and tall bushes to be set on the foundation.
“This was a very small lot to build on,” said Chris, a designer at our Wingham Design Centre, who collaborated with the clients on the Bayfield dream home project on the shore of Lake Huron.

“The clients and I worked with the site plan and building envelope they sent me, to fit the design.”
The 2,700-square-foot home is two full storeys with an unfinished loft in the roof units. That’s three levels of 900 square feet, not including the basement.
The first prefab modules arrived on our custom-designed trailers, driven from our Wingham factory, around 9 a.m. The roof modules were set by 5 p.m.
The crane packed up shortly after that.
“It was an incredible day on Lake Huron,” Andrew said.

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