The Benefits of a Garage in Your New Home

When it comes to designing your dream home, you really can’t go wrong with an attached garage. The value of your property will increase with either an attached or detached garage, but an attached garage offers a full range of benefits to you and your family. These include increased accessibility and safety, as well as overall curb appeal and protection of your belongings.

Our catalogue includes dozens of models that incorporate attached garages such as the Lyndon, Citadel, Oakwood, and Cape Cod.

Accessibility and Convenience

Attached garages are accessible. You won’t have to go outdoors and brave the elements whenever you need to grab a tool or something from your car. Attached garages also provide an additional exterior door, which is important for safety and convenient for busy households.

Attached garages also offer a comfortable workspace for outdoor tasks like painting, potting or crafting. With all your tools organized and stored safely in the garage, you can work on projects in any season at any time of day.

Since the garage is attached to your house and shares one or more walls with your main living space, you’ll also save on heating costs compared to a detached garage.

Safely Store Vehicles and Protect Belongings

Attached garages keep your vehicles and tools safe and dry within a designated storage area. Not only will an attached garage provide protection from harsh weather, but it will also give you a space to change the oil, rotate tires and perform general maintenance on your vehicles.

If you prefer to store your tools, lawn mower and other belongings indoors, an attached garage is the perfect place to store them for year-round protection.

Should you ever need access to your garage at night, an attached garage will provide additional safety.

Attached Garages are Flexible

Attached garages are flexible and can be easily converted to an additional living space or storage area. Since attached garages can be insulated and heated, they can offer the option of an additional room without the cost of a complete home renovation.

Your attached garage could make a great play area for kids since you won’t have to worry about them drawing on walls or staining the carpet as you would inside your home.

An attached garage could also be converted into a home office or even an at-home gym. The conversion options are endless.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Homeowners invest time and money into improving curb appeal by upgrading their property’s appearance. An attached garage adds to that by making the house appear bigger and newer. Should you ever decide to sell, the garage will help add value to your home.

Since it’s at eye level, the garage accounts for as much as 30% of the home’s visual impact. There are many key design elements to consider when building a new home, and incorporating a beautiful attached garage is an important part of this process.

In addition to the look of the garage itself, parking your vehicles inside a garage will make your home appear much less cluttered.


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