The Heart of the Home

While some people might debate it, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. People gather around the amazing aroma of simmering sauces. Granted, not all of our kitchens simmer sauces, but I’d say the fridge is still a great draw for family activities.

If we get past the romantic idea of the warm and cozy kitchen, we get to practical living. Eating is a daily occurrence. And most families can’t afford to outsource the job to fast food, restaurants or take out. Most families cook. With the huge success of the food network, more and more men and women – even children – are taking to the kitchen. At my house, when our family gathers, the kitchen is the hotbed for gossip and cooperative food production.

Research tells us that for women and men, the kitchen is often the deal breaker in the design of the home. Your kitchen is core to the design of your dream home. There are so many options. The kitchen is also one of the rooms that requires multiple decisions: flooring, cabinetry, sinks and faucets, pulls, drawers or cupboards, counter top… I could go on.

That’s one reason Royal Homes makes sure you work closely with a Designer. Their experience helps walk you through the many different options available. As you share your vision for the perfect kitchen, they make sure you cover all your bases.

Your preference for your kitchen is very important. I encourage you to visit the Design Centres to get a feel for the different approaches to kitchens. If you start at Wingham, you can see three very different kitchens. The custom kitchen in the Citadel is expansive. The granite countertops, built in stove top and dual ovens give you a good idea of what to look for in a top end kitchen.Citadel Kitcehn

The Lynden, a great home for empty nesters, includes wide accessibility in a compact design. The open concept kitchen makes sure the cook is included in the conversation. Easy access to outdoor spaces is also important. A bank of built-in cabinets along one wall is a spectacular use of space and extends the storage capacity of a modest kitchen.Lynden-Kitchen-1

The Oxford incorporates a classic U-shaped kitchen open to the dining area. This design maximizes the use of space. Just over 9×11, the kitchen has ample room for everyday family meals and satisfies the gourmand.Kitchen

When you visit, you will see a few of the many options in use. The Lyndon uses a modern approach to cabinetry, with a focus on performance while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. the Oxford is trendy and includes many modern features that convert a simple kitchen into a state-of-art room. Building with appliances in mind helps maximize the design attributes. While the Citadel is a more elaborate kitchen, with ample preparation space, the design is very unique. It’s well worth the visit.


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