THE ROYAL ADVANTAGE – “YOUR HOME DELIVERY”, Step 7 of the 9 Steps to a Home You’ll Love


THE ROYAL ADVANTAGE – “YOUR HOME DELIVERY”, Step 7 of the 9 Steps to a Home You’ll Love

In Step 1 and 2 we had a conversation about your Dream Home and together prepared a detailed Design and Layout, then added options with your Personal Style and Colors.

In Step 3 and 4 we got on our Boots, walked your Lot and set the first stakes in the ground. The Construction of the Foundation began under the watchful eye of our Site Manager. 

In Step 5 and 6 you completed a factory tour to see Your Home built indoors and delivered to your lot. 

Now for Step 7, finishing your New Home.  I mean really finished.

Even though the majority of Your Home is built PreFab in our factory, there are things that must be completed on-site. The exterior siding and brick are added, some of the hardwood floorings are installed and your furnace is fired up.

One thing we have learned about building PreFab in a factory is pushing quality control to a higher standard.  The higher QC bar is carried over to the site. All finishing touches require the same degree of professional detail that you expect throughout the build.


So then when Your Home looks complete and your itching to move in, we may ask for a few more days to just do the job right.

The most challenging part of finishing any home is the last 1%.  The list of small door adjustments, the discolored light cover that should be replaced, the marks on the paint, the light bulbs that have burned out, the plumbing tests and the construction cleanup.

Whoa!.  The list looks endless! And how many construction guys do you know who have the patience to go through the small details and then clean up after themselves. 

To complete the finishing touches you need seasoned pros that know what it takes, and take the time necessary without rushing.  Our Project Manager selects the people who are experienced in doing this work and supervises their work.

Now almost there.  It is so close!  But we want Your Home to be a Home You Love. So the last critical eye is Yours.



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