This is the DAY

While I loved the staking out of the foundation and was fascinated by the building process, I have to tell you that the delivery and setting of our custom home was pure magic.

You really have to witness it to understand the orchestral beauty of the experience. You can watch it on the website – but a video cannot capture the real life drama.

Imagine… the sun has lapped up the dew and the neighbourhood is awake and ready for the day. You know the trucks are coming. Royal Homes has already given you the schedule – and you are ready. You have coffee and donuts for the neighbours and the Royal Homes Teams.

This is the day.

The setting of your home is an intricate dance between the truck, the home and the crane. The conductor is highly skilled, and experienced. The site has been prepared. The crane lifts each piece carefully and with precision and sets it on the foundation. And it begins, like mega Lego, piece after piece, following the design. In most cases the house is set in less than 8 hours.

In the morning, the foundation is empty, waiting to be completed. In the evening a beautiful, brand new house is standing proudly in your lot.

In almost every case, I’m told, the neighbours can’t resist taking in the performance. I have to admit it’s quite a spectacle.


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