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10 Year Warranty

Living In Your Home

When I received the warranty from Royal Homes, I thought: “Wow, they must really trust their work.”

But it’s more than that.

As I worked through the design, building and setting process, I learned a lifelong lesson. A great custom home should be built by people who are proud of what they do. I discovered that each home was a unique experience with Royal Homes. The team that served my family didn’t see this as a house. They understood that this was my family’s home.

Whether you’re building a cottage or a family home, it’s about the people – not the bricks and mortar.

And when all was said and done – they stayed with us. We had the confidence that they would be there for us if we had any concern. They understand building and they were able to help us – even when our questions were a little naive.

Like I said, we moved into our retirement Royal Home about a year ago. Perhaps I retired too early, because I’m already planning our next home. My wife and I have been scanning Kijiji for a great deal in cottage country.

Love our Royal Home. The house was as promised and on time June 2014. The interior and exterior were flawless. The workers are pleasant and have an excellent work ethic. Any small problems have been fixed without any issues. Unlike many builders. The detail in the house is as perfect as you will ever get. Thanks for an awesome home.Kenny