Five Up and Coming Cottage Towns in Ontario Five Up and Coming Cottage Towns in Ontario
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Five Up and Coming Cottage Towns in Ontario


Bancroft Ontario

If you’re an Ontario cottage country fan, chances are you are familiar with such popular destinations as Muskoka, Southampton, Port Elgin, and Sauble Beach. However, there are also up and coming towns with many charms of their own and often carry a lower purchase price, for both cottages and empty lots.  A growing number of Canadian millennials have cottage ownership amongst their goals in life, so the attractions of getaway properties have only grown in recent years. Here are five such up and coming cottage towns in Ontario.


Bancroft Ontario

Whether you are looking to rent, buy, or build, Bancroft is an excellent option. Located an hour northeast of Peterborough and an hour south of the east gate of Algonquin Provincial Park in the Ontario Highlands, this is a breathtakingly lovely area.

It is a first-rate choice for those unable to meet the current top dollar asking prices in better known spots. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Weslemkoon Lake, which is also a great spot for fishing enthusiasts, and the beauty of the Canadian Shield.


Haliburton Ontario

This picturesque Northern Ontario location may already be familiar to you, thanks to various popular summer camps and the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa. Haliburton has everything you could possibly want from a summer getaway destination, but because it is a three-hour plus drive from major centres like Toronto, not many people have made it their first choice.

However, that is changing, thanks to increasingly prohibitive prices for spots closer to major urban centres. Haliburton has beautiful lake front access, gorgeous forest areas, and a small, but thriving town with all the conveniences you need on vacation.

North Frontenac

North Frontenac Ontario

Here is another wonderful holiday spot that is not as well-known because it means spending a few more hours in the car. However, the additional travel time is absolutely worth it because Frontenac County offers several different lakes and the incredible scenery of the Canadian Shield.

Those who adore hiking or ATV use can take advantage of the many trails. With only 1.7 people per square kilometre in the Township of North Frontenac, this is the ideal place to enjoy peace and quiet. However, Bon Echo, Frontenac, Silver, and Sharbot Lake Provincial Parks offer plenty to do, and there are a number of recreational opportunities in town.

North Kawartha

North Kawartha Ontario

With only about 2300 year-round residents, North Kawartha is the quintessential Ontario small town. Want to escape the noise and congestion of the city? Here is your destination! It is also prudent to note it has sufficient amenities for your holiday.

Located midway between Peterborough and Bancroft, North Kawartha offers the usual cottage country attractions, as well as housing two Provincial Parks within its boundaries.


Hastings Ontario

Found at the centre of the Kawartha Lake region and near the town of Hastings, Rice Lake is not talked about nearly as often as other cottage destinations in this part of the province. Chances are Hastings residents are fine with that, as Rice Lake offers a truly lovely escape from the din and overcrowding of the city. Boat rentals and fishing are popular attractions, but it is also a fine place to take a dip in the lake and lounge in the sun.

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