Sydney, an elite university athlete in Tennessee, flung her baton high in the air.

The baton spun freely in the tall, wide-open gym space at Prospect Physiotherapy in Newmarket as it twirled precisely back into her expert hands.

Hard to believe nothing but a run-down eyesore house and a ramshackle garage stood on this long-neglected lot on Bogart Creek less than a year ago.

Now, a state-of-the-art 2,300-square foot physiotherapy clinic to treat everyone from kids to seniors to elite athletes to weekend warriors fills this mid-city space with a physio flourish.

Prefab for a physio clinic? Believe it.


“The facility is incredible,” said Jessica Rawlins, co-owner and physiotherapist at Prospect Physiotherapy. “We love the design of the space.”

It’s primarily open-concept with an 800-square-foot gym space with a ceiling that reaches up to 16 feet at its highest point. So Sydney can toss her baton without a worry in the gym or slide into one of three private treatment rooms off the circular clinic layout.

Rawlins, a long-distance runner who earned a place in McMaster University’s Sports Hall of Fame and represented Canada at the World University Games, has an equally-energetic pair of physiotherapist co-owners Taylor Campbell and Mike Lenart.

Campbell is also a physiotherapist with the national para-equestrian team. Lenart is going to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with the national para-hockey team.

“We work with all types of different clients,” Campbell said, admiring the space that came together when three prefab modules were set by crane in June.

“We’re so lucky to have a facility that will treat them all.”

In a span of nine months, Royal removed a derelict old home from the site, installed a specially-engineered foundation with steel helical piles and delivered and finished a modern physiotherapy clinic for commercial use.

Prospect Physiotherapy opened in November 2021.

“We’re very happy with the finished product that Royal Homes has put together,” Lenart said as 2022 began. “It’s a fully-accessible facility, which we love. And the easy access, close to the hospital (Southlake Regional Health Centre), is absolutely great for us.”

And the clients, like Sydney, are enjoying a Prospect Street physiotherapy clinic like no other.

“We’ve had such good reviews from people coming in,” Rawlins said.

We’re super, super happy with it.”

Have a custom design of your own in mind?


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