Trends in Home Building: Prefab

I took a little time today to dream about the future. Top architectural magazines and journals are on the cutting edge of the next trend. Some of the trends may not find their way to suburban developments, but I think many of the ideas will be adaptive to our changing world. Royal Q 2
You might want to explore the Royal Q series and see some of the ground breaking designs Royal Homes has been building in partnership with some architectural leaders and visionary home owners.
Over the next few blog posts, I am going delve into some great trends to watch.


I know, it’s a no-brainer, as I write on behalf of Royal Homes. But I want to emphasize the growing trend in prefab building. Royal Homes started with the vision of a builder who was looking to overcome some of the challenges inherent to the Canadian landscape and climate. Frankly, Hans Kuyvenhoven was on the cutting edge. IF you follow the changes in home building, you will see many prefab companies pop up. It just makes sense. The builder can build year round. There are no unscheduled breaks in the schedule because the craftsmen and trades are employed by the company and they don’t have to wait for them to fit the build into their schedule. But the big plus is in strategic design and optimizing product usage. The prefab builder is able to standardize basic products, decreasing waste while INCREASING quality. Just a couple of decades ago, prefab builders were looked on with just a little disdain, the general public considering them of less quality than traditional stick building.Windows Installed
But all that has changed. In fact, prefab factory built homes employ technologies that cannot be used by traditional builders. They are able to use pre-set jigs, customized to your design, to ensure ultra-sensitivity to precision. That just can’t happen on-site.
The prefab builder also has the advantage of building the home in-doors. There are no wind storms, not disastrous downpours. The home is protected at all times. There are systemic advantages to the entire process which enables the builder to incorporate a comprehensive list of checks and balances to ensure the quality of the build.
There are many advantages to building prefab… Royal Homes has been a leader in the industry for almost 50 years, employing new technology, building stronger and more energy efficient plans and designing for the modern family.


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