What it Really Means to Build Custom

Whether it is your first home or cottage, or whether you’re building for your retirement years, planning a custom-designed home is an exciting opportunity to create a space to match your needs now, and in the future rather than fitting into an existing layout. It’s a chance to bring your own lifestyle vision into reality.

However, the road to owning your custom-designed home is filled with many choices and decisions in order to get it right. The Royal Homes design team specializes in providing you with the inspiration and the expertise to help you every step of the way. Working together we can create a plan to fulfill your needs and wishes.

“They can make anything you want. We had a variation of all 3 display homes that are there, and we took some of those and a lot of it was our own ideas and they just worked it in.”

Jean Vollmer, Wingham, Ontario

Determine Your Budget

The first item to consider is your total budget. You’ll need to include the cost of land, local permits, fees and taxes, septic and hydro connection, appliances, furniture, and ultimately landscaping. Make sure your financial institution is on board and backing your investment.

Address Your Needs for the Present and the Future

You will also need to determine the size and any lot restrictions. When planning for the future, consider how many stories you want your home to be. Keep in mind that the number of stairs can help or hinder you as you age. How many bedrooms will you need?

Does your home need to be barrier-free and accessible to wheelchairs? Talk to us about essential items such as bathroom grab bars, raised or elongated toilets, wider doorways and hallways, lowered and tilted mirrors, stair lifts, elevators and much more. Our expert designers can help you plan a home that is both functional and guarantees the safety of you and your loved ones.

The Canadian Government has implemented many programs to help you build, purchase or renovate to create a home that is barrier-free, accessible and accommodates all individuals that will live in the home. The idea is that planning with aging in mind creates a home that allows for “aging in place” and extends the liveability of a home.

What are your priorities and what are you willing to compromise on?  Make sure you understand the costs involved in your choices so that you stay within your budget.

Enjoy a virtual tour through 3 of our popular model homes! You’ll be able to see and select the styles and features that you prefer. If you have not already done so, be sure and visit one of our design centres.  Here you can tour professionally-decorated model homes at your leisure for a first-hand look at the quality that goes into a pre-fab Royal Home.

Creative Control

You have your own unique design and style preferences, and probably a good idea of what you desire in a home. All of the home’s design features from cabinet styles, countertops, windows and flooring, to the smaller details like handles and doorknobs will be in your hands. In addition, you might consider special features like fireplaces, or heated floors.

Our model homes allow you to explore the possibilities in person. Here you can see and feel all the textures, colours and styles that are available to you. If you don’t see what you had in mind, we also offer a full fabrication workshop and paint booth.

Consider Your Timeframe

Is there a new baby on the way? Are you planning a move before the start of a school year?

With no weather delays, choosing a prefabricated home built in a factory setting is a smart move! You’ll be smiling when seasons are not a concern and the building process proceeds despite inclement weather.

Royal Home’s building process has been perfected over many years, delivering homes on time and on budget.

See why we really mean it when we say that “every Royal Home is custom designed for you.”

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