2018 Gift Giving Guide for New Home Owners

Coming up with gift ideas can be a challenge. While it’s fun to buy for a new homeowner, be it an individual or couple, it can be difficult to find a gift they haven’t already received.

When preparing your list, it’s best to think about the recent life events of the new homeowner and go from there. Consider whether the person you’re buying for has recently moved, gotten married, or even downsized.

Chances are, there are still some things they need for their new home. You can be the one to gift them their favourite gift of the year!

1. Unique Seasonal Wreath

Every new house comes with a front door that needs a wreath! If the new owners have recently moved, they might not have gotten around to furnishing the home with seasonal decorations. Need some inspiration? Check out these stunning Christmas wreaths for the holiday season. Some wreaths can even double as a table centrepiece, which is great if the homeowners have downsized and are low on storage.

2. Custom House Portrait Art

The homeowners are sure to be ecstatic about their new place. Help them always to remember their home with a customized print like this. There are many artists who specialize in custom house portraits, so your options are virtually endless. Just be sure to capture a high-quality image to send off for the artist to re-create, and remember – a good frame makes a world of difference!

3. Gardening or Outdoor Hobby Kit

Are the new owners avid gardeners? A gardening toolkit like this five-piece garden set (complete with a lopper, trowel, folding saw, pruner, flower snip plus a bonus tool bag and a pair of gloves) is sure to please. Gardening tools like shovels, rakes and cultivators are a great option that others may overlook when shopping for the new homeowners. These gifts will definitely come in handy once the snow melts.

Perhaps the owners have mentioned wanting to start a new hobby. A beekeeping kit might be the perfect gift! A unique option for those who have adequate space, this definitely won’t be the gift they expected.

4. Dyson Vacuum

Who doesn’t want a Dyson vacuum? Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, a good vacuum makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable. These models from Dyson has rave reviews and are key appliance for new homeowners.

5. Smarter Light Bulbs

Light bulbs might seem like a drab and boring gift, but they’re an excellent choice if your price point is on the lower end and you want to give the gift of light.

‘C’ light bulbs are LED bulbs that can be directly controlled with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Using an app, these bulbs can be dimmed and set to a timer individually or altogether. If used for 3 hours per day, the bulbs are said to last a whopping 20 years. They’ll also lower the new homeowners’ electricity costs!

6. Garage Door Opener

Smartphone-friendly or not, a garage door opener tops the list as the most convenient gift for new homeowners. Most people wait until the going gets tough before purchasing a lifesaver of this sort. By gifting the new homeowner a garage door opener, you’re giving them the gift of convenience and accessibility from the start.

There are many smartphone-compatible garage door openers on the market, but even the old-school version is handier than having to open the door manually or getting out of your car to key in a code. There are many to choose from in a range of price points.

7. Bicycle Storage

Rounding out our list of gifts for new homeowners is an efficient bike or garage storage system. Often overlooked, a garage can be a great storage area for the new homeowner’s belongings, including bikes and scooters. There are many space-saving products on the market that new homeowners are sure to appreciate.

Of course, if a new home is on your Christmas wish list, contact us to discuss building your dream pre-fabricated home in Ontario.


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